Developing Learning Solutions With You

Holistic Approach

Our research shows that long term success as a manager requires more than simply being good at your tasks. Managers must take care of their mental and physical health as well as their ‘inner self’ to help maintain a productive, satisfying and balanced life. Many of our programmes help managers to be mentally, physically and emotionally better equipped to look after business, employees, and themselves.

Management vs Leadership Skills

We know that management and leadership requires two different types of skill sets: Traditionally, management has been seen as ‘task-focussed’ and leadership as ‘vision-focussed’. We now find that both are needed in many roles throughout organizations. In our programmes, participants learn both management and leadership skills and when to use them.

Pragmatic Approach – Senior Associates With Hands-on Management and International Experience

We only work with Senior Associates that have 15+ years hands-on senior management experience. Our Senior Associates come from more than 40 countries worldwide.

Scalability Through Technology

We provide blended learning solutions; mixing e-learning, face to face, webinars and virtual classrooms to implement your learning solutions. We prefer to design a learning journey over a longer period of time rather than only providing a one-event training intervention. We apply the flipped classroom principle, where some learning is done before the programme, so that learners can study at their own pace before practicing in the classroom with skilled facilitators.

An MCE instructional Design Methodology

We design programmes to have an impact. This means making sure we are thorough and consistent every time. We follow a rigorous instructional design and development, programme implementation and follow-up process – the ADDEIE model. This model is also the backbone of our partnership approach and quality assurance system.

SOLVE© – Our Unique Coaching Model

Whenever possible, we support our training programmes with individual or group coaching. We also deliver individual or group/ team coaching services independently of any training programme. Our coaching approach follows our SOLVE model©. SOLVE© is more powerful than many coaching models because it includes skills as well as process.

Project Management Capabilities Approved by Project Management Institute

Our own Project Managers use the PMI approved methods and processes for Project Management which allows us to successfully implement large scale complex projects for our clients.

Global Reach

MCE works for leading international organisations operating in different geographic markets. As part of AMA Global, we have the infrastructure, resources and network to serve our clients globally. MCE builds and delivers international development programmes with consistent quality around the globe.

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