Digital Transformation

Digital is impacting your company’s strategy.

One of the consequences of the current pandemic is that organizations have to accelerate their business transformation if they want to even maintain their business in the mid and longer-term. The situation has highlighted “digital” as the critical engine for businesses to continue and solidify their operations in many many new ways.

Digital is not just about technology. It impacts all parts of your business – the customer experience, your overall strategy, your value propositions, and the way your people work.

Business adaptation in uncertain and digital times takes a lot more than simply realigning business processes or integrating the latest technologies. Brand new strategies, business models, augmented customer centricity, new governance, open collaboration, and new leadership become critical for businesses to move forward in these fast-changing times.

And you want to put digital at the core of your company’s efforts.

To refocus your company’s strategy and incorporate digital in your everyday routine and medium to long-term goals, you will have to reimagine your business in the third digital decade, way beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is crucial to rethink the market space, to reinvent your business boundaries while engaging in new ways and putting customers at the core of everything. To jump to the Digital Age, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and develop new management habits and skills.

How can you transform your business and develop digital strategies?

To support your company’s business transformation, MCE has developed a series of 4 programmes for senior managers and executives. Their focus is on how to nurture and develop businesses in the new normal with new strategies, business models, organisational setups, new leadership, relevant value and more customer centricity.

Not only are those subjects brought with concrete examples, business narratives and advanced frameworks, you will also be able to apply new concepts to your own business case and situation.

Digital Transformation Training Programmes

Introduction to Business Transformation and Digital Strategies

Reimagine your business in the third digital decade.

Business adaptation to digital times goes far beyond the adoption of the latest technologies, digitization of processes or new ways to interact with market audiences. After two decades in the new millennium that were very much about how people interact and operate in new ways, the time is now about putting digital to the core of all business strategies and practices, in a global holistic approach, for businesses to survive and thrive in new times.

Face-to-Face programme

Live Online programme

Customer Experience in New Digital Times

Put Customers at the Core of Everything and Engage in New Ways.

Interactions between businesses and customers have drastically changed since the emergence of digital technologies and channels, social media, and smart phones. Every client has more choice and undoubtedly more individual power. Consequently, it’s no longer the businesses alone who define their value and the rules of the game. These are now developed with customers.

Face-to-Face programme

Live Online programme

Business Strategies in New Digital Times

Reinvent Your Business Boundaries, Rethink Your Market Space.

In times when most industries are being disrupted by technologies and new kinds of competition, organisations need to refresh and reinvent quicker their business model. This includes changing the way they view the competition and rethinking their interactions with customers, current rivals and partners. Business history shows those who fail to embrace quick bold moves face the risk to rapidly lose value in well-established and eroding markets where high competition prevails.

Face-to-Face programme

Live Online programme

Value Propositions in New Digital Times

Design & Test Relevant Product Value with Digital at the Core.

In times of extreme competition and noise, designing innovative products and solutions that appeal to your customers needs and wishes is more important than ever. While it is a cornerstone for success, it might be not be enough on its own to sustain your business. To be successful. you need to go far beyond products and look at services, packaged value into subscription models, cloud based value, platform and ecosystem based models.

Face-to-Face programme

Live Online programme

MCE Customized Learning Solutions.

Do your teams, managers and executives need more support with Digital Strategies? Are you interested in customizing these topics into a development programme targeted to your company and your needs?

MCE can provide you with a customized learning solution, specifically tailored to your company.

Any of these programmes are also available “off-the-shelf” for your company.


What are the training timings and are there any breaks during the day?

All MCE training programmes are scheduled from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day. There is a lunch break at 12:30pm of 1 hour and coffee breaks.

You can plan to finish each day at 5:00pm (except for the last day of the training, that you will finish at 16.00)

Who will be delivering the training programme? Are they experts?

Yes, all MCE Facilitators are experienced business people with more than 15 years corporate experience. They are experts and understand your business issues.

Do you provide any visa support?

Yes, MCE will provide you with a Visa Letter to support your application to the Embassy. You will be able to download your visa application letter on the MyMCE platform

Will I receive a Certificate after attending the programme?

Yes you will receive an MCE Certificate if you have attended all the days on the programme. If you miss some of the classes, you will not be eligible for the Certificate.

Is lunch included?

Yes lunch is included each day. Depending on the training venue,  there will be a buffet or 3-course meal. There are various choices available and there is always a Halal option available. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know in advance (e.g. dairy intolerance etc.)