Change Management & Agility

Get the agile skills you need to remain competitive in this ever changing business world

Agile Management skills training programmes for professionals working in international contexts.

Your Agile Management Skills are key to face the challenges of a today’s VUCA world.

You work for an organization or company that operates in an international environment where the competition is increasingly harsh, budgets get tighter and there’s a big focus on performance.

What does this mean for you?

Every Leader, Manager, Team Leader and Team Member needs to invest their capabilities, skills and talent to make an impact in their roles and help their organizations achieve success.

To achieve this, your Agile Management Skills are key to face the challenges of a today’s VUCA world.

How to get essential agile skills to use in your role?

You might have asked yourself questions like …

  • What’s important to develop successful change management strategies?
  • How to develop and integrate innovation and disruptive thinking in your company?
  • What skills do you need to lead and motivate your teams in demanding environments?

MCE helps you answer this type of questions and get equipped with the skills and competencies that you need to perform and succeed in complex and challenging environments.

Our 1-day workshops and 2-5 day training programmes for individuals, also available as in-company training, will get you and your teams equipped with the skills needed to perform and succeed in competitive industries. We’re a reliable development partner known for our…

  • Practical, hands-on and intensive training programmes
  • Business oriented development
  • Real-life business cases and advice from our experienced Senior Associates and Faculty, former Business Leaders in international companies.
  • Focus on you and your specific development needs.

We’ll hear about your needs and help you achieve your career goals.

Agile Management Skills Training Programmes

Check out MCE’s Training Programmes designed for professionals at all levels in the organization.

We recommend the following training programmes depending on your role…

Leading in a VUCA World

Get the leadership skills
you need to lead your
company through disruption
and change.


Live Online  

Strategic Agility & Resilience

Learn techniques & processes to foresee market changes, grab new business opportunities, and adapt to changing markets.


Live Online  

Innovation in a VUCA World

Develop and promote a disruptive mindset in your organization that supports innovation and sustainable growth.


Live Online  


Set priorities and learn
to manage and leverage
chaos in your


Live Online  

Leading Disruptive Change and Innovation

Develop a disruptive innovation strategy and change your organization’s mindset from “what is” to “what if”.


Live Online  

Talent Management Goes Agile

Learn to integrate ‘Business Agility’ into HR & Talent Management practices in order to be successful in today’s knowledge economy.


Live Online  


What are the training timings and are there any breaks during the day?

All MCE training programmes are scheduled from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day. There is a lunch break at 12:30pm of 1 hour and coffee breaks.

You can plan to finish each day at 5:00pm (except for the last day of the training, that you will finish at 16.00)

Who will be delivering the training programme? Are they experts?

Yes, all MCE Facilitators are experienced business people with more than 15 years corporate experience. They are experts and understand your business issues.

Do you provide any visa support?

Yes, MCE will provide you with a Visa Letter to support your application to the Embassy. You will be able to download your visa application letter on the MyMCE platform

Will I receive a Certificate after attending the programme?

Yes you will receive an MCE Certificate if you have attended all the days on the programme. If you miss some of the classes, you will not be eligible for the Certificate.

Is lunch included?

Yes lunch is included each day. Depending on the training venue,  there will be a buffet or 3-course meal. There are various choices available and there is always a Halal option available. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know in advance (e.g. dairy intolerance etc.)