Mini MBA for the Medical Devices Industry

Develop your all-round managerial skills in only 5 days or 12 online sessions, and boost your management career.


Key Areas Covered:




The Mini MBA for the Medical Devices Industry is ideal for managers with

Technical Background

Clinical function, Scientist, Commercial and Technical Professional

Experience Level

Up to 5 years management experience

What will you Learn, Practice and Use?

Learn how to collect customer feedback to create ‘Customer Value Propositions’

Comprehend the challenges of leaders in the MedTech Industry

Understand the various financial concepts to make better financial decisions

Get an overview of the supply chain process in the MedTech Industry

Learn what upstream marketing means for MedTech

Deal with clinical and regulatory procedures (FDA, CE, GDPR, HIPAA etc.)

Why take the MCE Mini MBA for Medical Devices Industry?

Comprehensive Overview

You will gain insights into strategy, people management, leadership, marketing, sales, finance, and supply chain.

Industry-Specific Understanding

Explore the unique business logic to create effective solutions that meet regulatory requirements of your industry.

Confident Decision-Making

You will Acquire the knowledge and skills to analyze complex situations and make informed commercial decisions.

Proven-By-Practice Methods

Benefit from a blend of established techniques and new ideas that enhance your commercial and business skills.

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