Assessments and 360° Profiles


MCE solutions are underpinned by our best practice assessment methodologies and tools. We use an objective and rigorous approach to determining the development needs of managers, which enables organizations to provide targeted support and gain the maximum return from the development investment.

Our toolkit of assessments is comprised of a variety of scientifically developed psychometric tests and assessments, measured against benchmark competencies. Participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate who they are, including their style, motivation, capability and potential, and through analysis of the results they are able to obtain insight into their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a personal development plan. This investment can strengthen the relationship of your managers with your organization, creating a long-term partnership and successful realization of the individuals’ potential.

  • MCE 3Sixty
  • Insights Discovery
  • Firo-B
  • Management Drives
  • Strengthscope
  • Negotiation Style Profile
  • Influencing Style Clock
  • DiSC
  • Time mastery profile
  • Learning Style Questionnaire
  • Team Management Profile
  • Platinum rule
  • Thomas Kilmann
  • Change Style Indicator

We use a competency-based approach in the integrating assessments into our solutions. Combining multiple assessments, including 360° and 180° methodologies, reveals insights into employee motivation and strong predictors of future behaviour, performance and potential. Objectivity is critical for accurate assessments, and subsequently we offer only certified assessors to conduct every assessment in order to ensure an impartial evaluation.

MCE 3Sixty Competency Assessment

Many organisations around the world have adopted a competence-based approach to defining and aligning human capital requirements with their mission objectives and strategic goals.

At MCE, we have spent more than a decade applying our expertise to develop tools for working with clients to define, map, profile and analyse performance competences related to management and leadership roles. In doing so, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge on best practices for working with performance competences. This is used in our MCE 3Sixty competency assessment.

Many of our clients invite us to work with them to define and map the competencies required to realise mission objectives and strategic goals. The MCE3Sixty can be customised according to client needs and administered by us for you.

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