The ADDEIE Model

A rigorous instructional design approach:

MCE’s solutions are business-driven and based on the real-life challenges of the target audience.

Our approach is to use your current situation as a source of relevant discussion topics and exercises, as well as theoretical or imaginative exercises. This will allow participants the opportunity to make an immediate link to their daily business, and even do some hands-on work on their current challenges. We follow a rigorous learning design process to achieve this:

Analysis of the learning need and the business context of it, and clear objectives

Design of an overall training concept that extends beyond the proposed 4 to 5 days in the classroom

Development of tailored, relevant training materials, visual and other learning aids

Engagement of senior management, participants and key stakeholders to support the impact of the learning

Implementation of the training programme, with professional experienced facilitation

Evaluation of the programme, coming back to the original learning objectives

The ADDEIE model is the backbone of our partnership approach and quality assurance system, together with our approach to learning design, content development, programme implementation and follow-up.

Our methodology ensures that programmes not only give people the relevant knowledge, but through active experience whilst learning, participants are able to directly apply the skills.

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