AMA Certified Professional in Management™


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AMA Certified Professional in Management ®

Why AMA CPM® for My Organization?

Organizations want to hire and promote managers who will help improve their talent acquisition ROI. Hiring and promoting managers with the AMA Certified Professional in Management® (CPM) certification gives organizations a tool to recognize those with managerial competence and leadership potential. The Certified Professional in Management credential embodies the critical knowledge, skills and abilities associated with AMA’s Total Professional℠ framework for managers which encompasses professional effectiveness, relationship management, business acumen and analytical intelligence.

How Certification Benefits Organizations
  • Provides a method for recognizing managerial competence
  • Offers a reliable indicator of future leadership potential
  • Decreases the risk of making bad hiring or promotion decisions
  • Reduces the likelihood that team members will leave due to skill gaps and behavioural deficiencies in their managers
  • Helps organizations improve their talent acquisition and promotion ROI
  • Directly impacts your organization’s bottom line through more effective, certified managers
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AMA Certified Professional in Management ®

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