OnDemand Courses

You want to improve key skills, but it’s hard to find the time for it.
What if you could learn anywhere anytime?


Access the courses anywhere, anytime with an internet connection. You will receive a certificate of completion for every successful lesson.

Short Course

Most courses are 240 minutes long & consists of short modules of about 15-20 minutes with a clear learning objective. 


Each course includes videos, quizzes, audio, exercises, reading, making decisions, assessments and more.

Package Price

Each course costs €225. However you can get full access to the entire OnDemand library at €450.

The MCE OnDemand Courses Package Deal is perfect for your team!

MCE also offers all the 23 courses as the MCE OnDemand Courses Package Deal. This package deal is valid for one year, one person and costs €450.

The MCE OnDemand Courses Package Deal is perfect for your team or organization. This solution is specifically customized to your team’s/company’s size and desired skills. 

Learn more about our Company Package Deal at [email protected] or through +32 (0)2 543 21 20.

Strategic Leadership & Crisis Management


In tough times, you need agile groups, change management, and team motivation to turn adversity into opportunity. Learn these skills in this timely course.


Leadership Skills

Enhance your leadership abilities by learning essential business skills. Improve your emotional intelligence, communication, and other important aspects.


Innovation and Strategic Thinking for Managers

Develop expertise in strategic thinking, change management, and innovation leadership with essential frameworks for effective strategies, agility, and creativity.


Leadership Skills for Maximum Team Productivity

Learn how to delegate effectively by creating plans, bargaining for resources, fostering positivity, and maintaining dedication and cooperation.


Becoming a Manager

Customer Service Training

Manager Quick Start: Essential Management

Improve your management skills with emotional intelligence, communication, and presentation abilities.


Certified Professional OnDemand Exam Prep

Learn key management skills with the AMA-CPM Prep Course. It’s self-paced and covers 16 competencies.


Frontline Customer Service Rep Training

Explore and adopt effective customer service techniques and attitudes with the help of valuable resources.


Customer Service Manager Training

Discover how to create a powerful customer service plan and inspire your team to achieve success.


Analytics & Finance

AMA’s Excel
Training Series

Explore tools and techniques that can help you become a wiz at spreadsheets. By applying these skills, you’ll be able to save time and make informed business decisions.


Analytical Skills for New Managers

Improve your future business outcomes by making the informed decisions through the use of powerful analytical techniques to become a succeed as a manager.


Data Analysis and Business Analytics

Utilize data to make well-informed decisions for your business. Learn how to systematically analyze data effectively and improve your decision-making skills.


Workplace Development: Problem Solving

Improve your business decision-making and problem-solving abilities by acquiring skills in data collection and analysis. Learn to effectively organize and present data.


Relating to Others

Communicating at Work

A Manager’s Guide to Effective Work Relationships

Learn effective leadership skills, including delegation, performance reviews, coaching, and change management, to lead your team successfully.


Building the Skills to Be an Essential Team Player

Improve communication, emotional management, and positive work relationships to build trust and credibility in your professional brand.


Training and
Presentation Skills

Enhance your ability to consistently deliver compelling presentations and design highly effective training sessions by utilizing the ADDIE Model.


Workplace Communication Training

Enhance your capacity to influence and motivate your coworkers in the workplace by fortifying your proficiency and dependability.


Diversity & Inclusion

Understanding Business

Diversity and
Inclusion Training

Explore key cornerstones of diversity and inclusion so that you can champion diversity and foster an inclusive culture in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.


Basics of
Business Acumen

Access the resources that can help professionals at any levels improve their business acumen in order to enhance their performance and achieve their organizational goals.



Learn to manage projects that achieve results and build a foundational understanding of how a business operates and develop your problem-solving skills through data analysis. 


Manager’s Guide to Business Literacy Skills

Get the job done by developing your managing projects skills, supporting the financial goals of your organization and leveraging the benefits of diverse & inclusive teams.


Other Key Topics

Essential Project Management Skills

Learn more about the key Project Management concepts such as the Work Breakdown Structure, the Collaborative Communication, the Risk Strategies and much more. 


Build a Professional Brand and Image

Gain credibility and trust by building your professional brand and image. You will also gain insights to help you develop your emotional intelligence and communication skills.


Managing Priorities for Max Productivity

Acquire the knowledge and insights to create a forward-moving plan for any job, be able to prioritize tasks for maximum efficiency and sharpen your focus for getting the job done.


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MCE’s OnDemand includes 25+ training courses. Develop the following skills when and where you want; Strategic Leadership & Crisis Management, Becoming a Manager,  Customer Service, Analytics & Finance, Relations to others, Communicating at work, Understanding Business, Diversity & Inclusion and other key topics. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I purchase courses for employees, teams, my company?

Yes, you can. Many clients purchase selected courses or the whole library for their teams and divisions.

How long is each course?

Each course is on average 240 minutes with lessons from 15 to 90 minutes.

How long can I access a course?

You have access to the course for 1 year.

How much is a course?

Each course is €225 or €450 to purchase all courses for one year.

How do I buy a course?

To buy a course or all courses, click on the programme icon. You can then add it to your “Cart” and proceed to payment.

How does the OnDemand experience actually work?

After purchasing a course, you will receive an email with your user details to access the MyMCE learning platform.  Through this portal, you’ll have direct access to your OnDemand course. The course will be available for one year. You can take the lessons at any given time during that one-year period. Once completed, you will receive a certificate and be eligible for CEU credits.