Strategic Analytics: Why isn't your strategy being implemented?

Change is everywhere.

As an executive leader you can see the vast changes all around you: new business models, rapidly shifting ecosystems, increased complexity, and seemingly daily crises. Change has truly become a constant. Market shifts and new expectations for employee experience are driving major misalignments in companies. Scrambling to replace suppliers, employees, distributors, and leaders creates strategic and operational misalignments. Market and consumer volatility demands continuous agility.




These are some of the challenges…
Finding and retaining talent.

The talent shortage is real. You need to anticipate and shape the strategic changes. Your company’s ability to attract the best talent and create critically important employee engagement demands a crystal clear purpose. Your company will be reshaping its strategy to meet the changes ahead. Making strategic market and operating changes quickly and effectively are critical. New opportunities must be addressed rapidly and with immediate ability to execute.

D&I policies.

D&I policies and signed D&I charters are no longer sufficient. Organizations need to go beyond check-the-box policies. You must proactively plan how to make D&I really part of your organization. D&I needs to be something that lives within your organization and is not just a programme or one-time event. To address all these challenges, you need a map of how your organization implements your strategy so you can see how and where to make changes. And you need a map that shows your progress on implementing the changes and that allows you to make course adjustments as needed.

You need to analyse and measure what’s happening in your company. We can help you.

Strategia Analytics, in partnership with MCE, has developed the Strategia Diagnostic. This Diagnostic includes twice-per-year assessment, executive-overview reports, and in-depth presentations of results to key leaders and teams. Monthly support is available. All Strategia Diagnostic packages show:

  • Your company’s current approach to executing its market strategy, building its leadership, and creating its culture.
  • Your company’s desired approach to executing its market strategy, building its leadership, and creating its culture.
  • The gaps between the current and the desired market strategy, leadership, and culture.
  • The high-level drivers to close the gaps.
  • Detailed, company-specific pathways to achieve your desired change.
How does Strategia Diagnostics work?

What does Strategic Analytics do for you?

Reveals Disconnects

It enables your company to find out where the disconnects are between your people and the successful execution of your business strategy early, when you’ve just begun to smell smoke but before your customers, your key sales and revenue KPIs, the Board, and the analysts do.

Gives you Unfiltered Data

The comprehensive factual, behavioural, and attitudinal data is captured absolutely unfiltered, directly from your people. Data is not interpreted by overly-simple-and-not-entirely-helpful tools like employee satisfaction surveys, HR Business Partner interpretations, even interpretations by your leadership team.

It’s a Non-Invasive Process

The Strategia Analytics Diagnostic process is incredibly non-invasive to your company’s day-to-day business operations, yet far more comprehensive in areas covered and data collected than any tool currently available, anywhere.

Delivers Concrete Results

This process is affordable, highly targeted, and shows concrete, measurable results quickly.  Plus, the partnership isn’t a one-and-done transaction – we see it through until you’re truly back on course.

The Strategia Analytics process is efficient and conducted by experts

The Strategia Analytics process is developed by skilled, corporate-experienced, credentialed experts on Human Behaviour, researchers and statisticians, the actual information sought and captured is insightful and laser-focused on diagnosing the exact points of disconnect some or all of your employees are experiencing and feeling between the behaviours required to meet your business goals, and their current approaches and beliefs.  Far more surgical and relevant than just post-mortem KPIs, or “touchy-feely employee surveys” that may or may not help you move the needle.


Want to see how it works?

Strategia Analytics has developed a short sample questionnaire that allows you to experience this analytics tool.



Are you interested? What’s the next step?

Before running the Strategia Diagnostics tool for your whole company, you can do a focused analysis with your senior executive team, up to 10 people. This allows you to see how it works for your company and will show you where your senior executive team are today and where they are going.

If you would like to learn more about this senior executive team trial, or if you just have general questions, we recommend setting up a free meeting together to explain the tool and explore opportunities.