Finance & Controlling

Many individuals find financial concepts daunting due to their complexity, leading to confusion and frustration when attempting to grasp them.

MCE has developed different programmes covering different parts of Finance & Controlling skills
required in international companies and organizations.

Key competences covered: Fundamentals of accounting and finance, key financial ratios, budgeting, cost analysis, balance sheets and profit & loss, understanding financial statements, controlling, the controller’s role, financial excellence, value creation,  KPIs, the balanced scorecard, strategic finance and more.

Available in multiple formats, these programme are Live, Interactive & Trainer-Led.

Face to Face Programme

Open training programmes are run in 30+ cities across the EMEA including Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Barcelona and more.

Live Online Programme

The sessions are interactive, live and led by experienced facilitators. The sessions are accessible from your office or home PC.

Off-the-Shelf Programmes

Run any of MCE’s Open Programmes in your company just for your teams. It is a fast, economical and effective way of developing key skills and behaviours.

Customised Learning

Any of the programmes can be customized for an InCompany solution for your organization.

Essentials of Business Finance

Many managers are experts in their own areas, but haven’t really had the time to learn about finance they need in their role.

Face-to-Face programme

Live Online programme

The Strategic Controller: Adding Value to Your Organization

It focuses on the 4 quadrants of the controller’s role – number cruncher, custodian, analyst and business partner.

Face-to-Face programme

Financial Excellence: Create Value in Your Organization

It focuses on value creating, strategic options, traditional role of finance, from finance manager to sparing partner, the trusted advisor, key metrics, the balanced scorecard and KPIs.

Face-to-Face programme


What are the training timings and are there any breaks during the day?

All MCE training programmes are scheduled from 9:00am to 5:00pm each day. There is a lunch break at 12:30pm of 1 hour and coffee breaks.

You can plan to finish each day at 5:00pm (except for the last day of the training, that you will finish at 16.00)

Who will be delivering the training programme? Are they experts?

Yes, all MCE Facilitators are experienced business people with more than 15 years corporate experience. They are experts and understand your business issues.

Do you provide any visa support?

Yes, MCE will provide you with a Visa Letter to support your application to the Embassy. You will be able to download your visa application letter on the MyMCE platform

Will I receive a Certificate after attending the programme?

Yes you will receive an MCE Certificate if you have attended all the days on the programme. If you miss some of the classes, you will not be eligible for the Certificate.

Is lunch included?

Yes lunch is included each day. Depending on the training venue,  there will be a buffet or 3-course meal. There are various choices available and there is always a Halal option available. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know in advance (e.g. dairy intolerance etc.)