MCE Women’s Leadership Centre

MCE Women's Leadership Centre

Welcome to the MCE Women’s Leadership Centre (WLC)

This is your one-stop forum to build meaningful relationships with other business women, learn essential insights to establish yourself professionally and gain vital tools to help you thrive in a world of growing opportunities.


The MCE Women’s Leadership Centre was created to offer professional women a safe and supportive forum where they can share career-building knowledge, develop new skills, and make meaningful connections.

Despite a lot of positive progress in the boardroom and in many industries, we know that many women in business are still facing challenges to advance in their careers.

For women in business today, knowledge is the key to overcoming these obstacles and achieving greater success.

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Last March Management Centre Europe celebrated each and every woman out there, especially Women in Business.

Our team, from all over the world, saluted all women and joined the call for equal opportunities, equal pay, and respectful treatment for women.

Time to embrace and celebrate what Women bring to business and the workplace.

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