Mini MBA for the Oil & Gas Industry

Develop your all-round managerial skills in only 5 days or 12 online sessions, and boost your management career.


Key Areas Covered:




The Mini MBA for the Oil & Gas Industries is ideal for managers with

Technical Background

Engineers, Scientists or Technical Professionals

Experience Level

Up to 5 years management experience

What will you Learn, Practice and Use?

Understand how a company works with a multi-functional overview of the Oil & Gas industry and the key leadership competences necessary for success.

Develop strategic thinking, planning and execution skills using key tools and frameworks.

Acquire the ability to assess the business environment and translate changes into competitive strategies.

Support strategic goals from top management and be able to translate them for your area and implement them more efficiently.

Learn about cash management, accounting and investment decisions to become a better all round manager.

Share your knowledge and challenges with your peers and MCE’s highly experienced faculty

Why take the MCE Mini MBA for the Oil & Gas Industry?

Business Understanding

Gain a solid overview of leadership, strategy, execution, marketing, operational excellence, international managerial economics, and international finance specific to the oil and gas industry.

Enhanced Managerial Skills

Develop a deeper understanding of how different parts of an organization interact and contribute to corporate success, enabling more decision-making and effective team management.

VUCA Readiness

Arm yourself with the essential tools and comprehensive knowledge needed to successfully navigate and overcome the multifaceted challenges of a complex, volatile, uncertain, and ambiguous business environment.

Multi Format Options

We provide a diverse range of flexible learning options, including face-to-face programs in classroom settings, live online sessions, and blended programs throughout the EMEA region.

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