Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everyone is talking about Chatgpt, AI photos, AI in business and also the dangers and risks of AI. But what does this all really mean for your role, your business and your future? AI is here and ignoring it or avoiding it isn’t a real solution or a possibility.

Business people need to understand what AI means for their role and their company. Which areas of the company can use AI effectively? What are the risks? What are the ethical and moral implications? What are the benefits?  Which companies are using it effectively?

It is not enough anymore to know AI exists, but you need to understand how you can use it in your organization. To support you MCE has developed the Essentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Managers. This programme covers all of these key issues in 2 days in person or 4 online sessions.

Get the key skills you need to manage and use AI in your role and your organization in just 2 days or 4 online sessions. 


Key Areas covered:



Human Resources

Customer Service


The Essentials of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) is ideal for:


Managers in an international organization

You want to understand

  • What AI means for you, your role and your company.
  • What do you really need to do with AI today and tomorrow?
  • What skills and knowledge do you need to manage it?

What will you Learn, Practice and Use?

Understand the future trends of AI and what this means for your organization

Understand the key concepts and the different types of AI

Learn how AI is used in different parts of the business – customer service, marketing, operations, finance, HR and more

See how different companies have used AI to improve their businesses

Analyze the ethical and legal implications of AI

Learn how to manage your own AI projects and decide where you could use AI

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Face-to-Face programme

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