What LEADERSHIP is for

What LEADERSHIP is for
February 14th, 2024 Anais Parfait

Leadership, yes, but what for? A model that is now taking organizations beyond leadership as standard and inspiring stand-out performance.

In a recent interview with the CEO of a global financial firm, the journalist asked them what a good leader looks like in today’s world. The answer was clear: « A leader today has to manage and own many dimensions : everything is important, from the client focus to the internal processes through to diversity. The task has become extremely complex ». It is true. Leadership is much more complex in our current and rapidly changing world. Regardless of the industry, disruption can be rapid and dramatic. What is then leadership for ? It is obvious that leaders need to act and consider all aspects of business and not just « the style of their leadership ». We have identified 12 areas, in 4 categories, to summarize those aspects or dimensions. But to out-perform, being aware of those dimensions is not enough. Leaders must select and focus on a maximum of 3 dimensions, that will be the real drivers of their actions and that will drive their leadership. And depending on that choice, the recipe of success and the way to cascade down and align managers and teams will be completely different. It is a question of choice and focus. Successful companies are very clear on their drivers. The book « What Leaderships is For » will not only help to understand all the key dimensions of leadership today but will also present how to act depending on the focus leaders want to give, with some concrete examples of organizations that have selected their focus (Calida Group, Porsche, Greenpeace, Ryanair, Colruyt Group, DebioPharm, Alan Healthcare, and many others …). After mastering this concept, you won’t look at companies in the same way ever again …

Mr. Patrick Faniel

About Author

Managing director of Management Centre Europe (MCE), a leading force in developing and inspiring leaders and managers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As part of the American Management Association, MCE runs open programmes and customized learning solutions for executives, teams and organizations, bringing them up to speed with how they can become more efficient, more agile and more attractive to the next generation of talent. As a chief executive, as a founder, as a professor and in business development, Patrick Faniel has been transforming performance in ventures of all sizes for the last 25 years. At MCE, he now leads a team and an international faculty with direct strategic and operational experience of the complex challenges that leaders are now facing.

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Table of Contents

(1) Concept

(2) Leadership for Growth

(3) Leadership for Innovation

(4) Leadership for Partnerships

(5) Leadership for Strategy Execution

(6) Leadership for Effectiveness

(7) Leadership for Digitalization

(8) Leadership for Employee Experience

(9) Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion

(10) Leadership for Inspiration

(11) Leadership for Customer Focus

(12) Leadership for Brands

(13) Leadership for Personalization

(14) Leadership without Authority

(15) Conclusion

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