Customized Learning Solutions

Sometimes standard programmes don’t meet all your needs and you need to start with your strategy.

years of experience in developing customized learning solutions for companies and organizations across the EMEA region.

Combination of classroom learning, online learning, coaching, assessments, e-learning and more.

The solutions are designed to develop the skills and behaviours your people need to implement your strategy.

MCE has developed a 6-step approach to meet your company’s needs.

MCE’s 6-step approach to customizing training solutions to meet
your company’s needs.
















Results & Benefits for your company


Understanding the situation at your company

Before we begin to work with you on the right solution for you and your company, we talk to your senior management and line management.

To put the right solution together we try to fully understand:

  1. The business environment in which your company operates. What is happening in the market? What are the key trends? How is change effecting you daily, weekly, monthly….
  2. Your organization itself and its particular strategy. How is your company set up? What is your customer value proposition, and do you deliver it?
  3. The processes and procedures currently in place. How does each department work? How does one department work with another, and how do they communicate?
  4. The people issues related to implementing your strategy. Does everyone understand and “buy-in” to the strategy? What works and what doesn’t work, and why is that the case?

Analysing what your Company needs

Once we understand who you are and the environment in which you operate, we:

  • Interview key people in your company, in particular line managers, to find out what is really happening and what change means for them.
  • Look outside of your company for external advice from people who have dealt with challenges just like yours and understand your business.
  • Use measurement tools that show how willing and able your people are to implement your chosen strategy and to adapt to change.

Deciding on the right Solution for your Company

Based on our interactions, calls and meetings to understand and analyse your needs, we then suggest:

  • The type of management development that we think would benefit your company, and who we think should take part.
  • Other activities to expand the knowledge and develop the skills of your people.
  • We then discuss the proposal with you to make sure that it is really right for you. We review it together and adjust it if necessary. We want to be sure that all stakeholders are on the “same page”, and that our proposed customized learning solution will help your organization move forward in the right direction to get results.

Developing the right solution for your Company

We work with you to develop a Customized Learning Solution just for you. Your input is vital as a key part of the solution deals with the challenges that you face as a company and how these challenges can be overcome. In many cases, the solution involves a management development programme.

Implementing the Solution for your Company

MCE’s activities and programmes are very interactive and practical. They are hands-on, and results driven. Small groups mean that each participant receives individual attention. MCE’s Customized Learning Solutions are highly customized to the needs of the client company. They incorporate relevant case studies and deal with issues and challenges that you face in the workplace every day.

Results & Benefits for your company

MCE’s activities and programmes produce clear results and benefits. These include:

  • Development of new skills and behaviours to get results you need.
  • Clear follow up goals, KPIs and specific tasks for teams and individuals.
  • A practical methodology that you can implement immediately on your return to work.
  • A “guidebook” of best practices specific to your company and role.
  • A road map of key areas for improvement.
  • Better teamwork and communication.

MCE’s CLS Team

MCE’s multilingual team is based all across the EMEA region and has extensive experience of building solutions that are based on your strategies.

MCE Regional Directors and Key Account Managers work closely with our clients on the 6-step process to ensure the solution is based on your needs.

MCE Senior Associates are experienced business professionals who will develop and deliver customized solutions.

MCE Project Managers support the delivery of the solutions to your people.

MCE Client Stories of Customized Solutions

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