August 29th, 2023 Anais Parfait

AMPCO: Client Story

Equatorial Guinea Nationals
Leadership Program

Atlantic Methanol Production Company LLC (“AMPCO”) runs a world scale methanol plant located on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa. AMPCO’s Punta Europa plant is one of the safest and most reliable methanol plants in the world. The plant started production in 2001 and produces roughly 1,000,000 metric tons of methanol per year. With its location in the Atlantic Basin, AMPCO is strategically located to supply markets in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.


AMPCO’s has committed to the Equatorial Guinean government to develop national workers and eventually have a fully competent national workforce leading the company. Towards this goal, AMPCO has already achieved a 90% nationalization goal and is focusing on the future.

AMPCO aim to provide the right tools to their senior management to effectively drive change within the organization. This project began with a gap analysis of the different employment areas.

Some of the conclusions taken from that analysis included:

  • to reach further nationalization gains, there is a strong need for leadership development
  • there are limited leadership development and opportunities in Equatorial Guinea with existing universities and schools
  • cultural norms in the region differ from western business culture

Bearing this analysis in mind, Nancy Ampim Elonga and the Learning and Development Team worked with the Senior Management team to set initial goals for AMPCO’s first ever Leadership Development Program.

  • Improving the overall working culture and increasing employee productivity, while allowing the AMPCO employees to be exposed to new and refreshing leadership ideas
  • And more directly, provide training in key leadership areas to a broad group of EG nationals including those currently in supervisory positions and those deemed to have potential as future leaders
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of all future leadership training – before, during, and after by making sure that people use what they have learnt

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