Access Microfinance Holding

Access Microfinance Holding
February 10th, 2022 Joao Santos Silva

Access Microfinance Holding: Client Story

Leadership Development Programme (Online Workshop)

Access Microfinance Holding (AH) was founded in 2006 in Germany as a partnership among Development Finance Institutions and private-sector impact investors. The shareholders are united by the drive to support entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets by providing access to responsible and fair financial services. Today, AH counts with 8 financial institutions in 3 regions (Africa, Eurasia andSouth America) and a staff of 5.500 people.

In 2014, AH established AccessCampus, an internal training facility that aims at strengthening the capacities of managers in the network institutions and Head Office through a blended learning approach. The role of AccessCampus is to promote changed behavior and enable AH values through learning.

With this approach in mind, AH sees management training programs as a major long-term investment in its management cadre and their Leadership Development team was determined in finding the right partner to work with over what could be several years of implementation.

Find out more about how MCE and AH worked together to develop a customized Leadership Development Programme (Online Workshop). The AH Client Story includes:

  • Finding the Right Partner
  • The Collaborative Process
  • Developing the Solution
  • The 6 Modules
  • It’s Working!
  • Measuring Success

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