MCE Roundtable (Zürich) – Making Sense of Leadership

MCE Roundtable (Zürich) – Making Sense of Leadership
November 23rd, 2016 David Goodwin

You have a Business Strategy, a Marketing Strategy, an HR Strategy. Perhaps you also have also a Technology Strategy, a Product Strategy and a Financial Strategy?

And yet it is still difficult for people to understand and collectively work towards achieving what you need?

The missing ingredient is the leader that brings it all to life, makes it all simple to understand, and makes the link between strategy and reality. We now realize the importance of one strategy that makes it all happen – The Leadership Strategy.

Without this, many people live in an organization made up of silos, isolated scorecards and the pressures of goals and KPIs which have limited meaning or personal connection.

During the roundtable, we will explore and discuss the following topics:

  • What type of leaders do you need, how many and where?
  • What does your future leadership look like and what are the trends in leadership development?
  • What skills and behaviours do leaders need to shape a healthy culture?
  • What is happening to the talent pipeline and your bench-strength?
  • Why organizational design needs to be redefined.

Practical Details:

  • Roundtable Title:  Making Sense of Leadership Strategy
  • Location: SAS Radisson Hotel, Flughafen Zürich (ZRH), Zürich Airport, 8058 Zürich, Schweiz
  • Date: Tuesday 17 January  2017
  • Time: registration from 9:30 and the event is from 10:00am to 2:00pm (lunch is included)

The event will be hosted by:

Pasquale Mazzuca, MCE senior associate, leadership and talent management expert. He has held a number of senior executive roles, and worked with thousands of executives advising them on how to build high-performance leadership capabilities that are closely aligned to the business strategy.
Previously Pasquale was Director of a major Belgian telecommunications company, he worked very closely with executive committee in building leadership capabilities amongst the top 200 executives, and helped to implement major change initiatives. Pasquale also held leadership positions with A.T. Kearney Management Consultants where he was vice president and managing director of the executive search practice. Prior to that Pasquale was as manager of the Benelux operations at a global talent acquisition firm and before that unit manager of the Anglo-French Group, Schlumberger Industries


Participation is free-of-charge but is restricted to working professionals and executives. Places are limited, as we want to have the right group size for optimal interaction and networking.

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MCE Roundtable (Zürich) - Making Sense of Leadership Strategy