Brand Desire: How to Create Consumer Involvement and Inspiration

Brand Desire: How to Create Consumer Involvement and Inspiration
December 5th, 2016 David Goodwin

Author Nicholas Ind and Oriol Iglesias

Publisher : ISBN: 978-1-4729-2535-0  :183  Pages

What’s it about ? : It’s THE BRAND – Stupid! Two professors from Oslo and ESADE business schools, go rooting about in the undergrowth of style and trend icons, leaving a trail of happy adverbs and adjectives in their wake.

Who’s it for ? : It’s an “everyman” type of book. Anyone can learn from this, and it touches brands and businesses we all know love and spend our hard-earned annual bonuses on.

Why read it ? : Very good a bringing a lot of brand-related ideas together in a neat, stylish, high-concept package: the book as the brand – almost

What’s the style ? : Very well written and the issues covered, ensures reader attention from page one.

And the best advice? : We particularly liked Chapter 4 (page 61) on “Participation.” Examples and ideas here just nicely connect. Explains clearly and lucidly how brand desire works.

… and if only time to read one chapter? :  We’d plump for  Chapter 9 ( page 147) “Managing Brand Desire”  Essentially the authors tackle the knotty question of ”if you’ve got them slavering to buy how do you keep that desire going.?”Good examples that any marketer would do well to read.

How MCE rate it ? : “Brand Desire is a clean, well designed and highly accessible package. Deserves five stars. If you get a chance read it NOTE: At 160 plus pages you can read it on a plane and not be too annoyed if they put you in a holding pattern for half an hour before you land.

How to buy it? : Just get to Amazon and do the necessary clicking. There are a few black and white illustrations early on that don’t work well on a Kindle.