Conscious Collaboration: Rethinking the way we work together FOR GOOD

Conscious Collaboration: Rethinking the way we work together FOR GOOD
November 9th, 2016 David Goodwin

Author: Ben Emmens

Publisher: Palgrave /macmillan ISBN :978-1-137-53803-1

What’s it about?: Author Ben Emmens, a long time thought-leader in the aid industry, takes a long hard look at one of management and businesses’ greatest conundrums how to get the best out of two differing worlds (collaboration and competition). He argues effectively that “if we don’t get the balance right between “taking” and “giving” competing for organizational structures and cultures, we are missing out on some major opportunities building better work places.
Who’s it for? Anyone who cares about who we employ what motivates us to come to work. An interesting eye-opener for any jaded, cynical manager or supervisor.

Why read it?: If you want to understand, how and why collaboration in the workplace , works ( and learn from successful examples), this is your primer and guide to the genre.

What’s the style?: A nice easy read, nothing too cerebral, like flexing your toes in a pair of cosy, organisational slippers. Author Emmens’ enthusiasm shines through a very page.

And the best advice?: Chapter Six. A useful warning about how leaning on systems and procedures can trip you up. Useful advice on being careful of competencies for any HR practitioner.

…. and if only time to read one chapter ?: Chapter 12 ( page 137). Shows what’s possible when as the author says, “one of the things that become possible when there is a foundation of trust and it is an exciting aspect of conscious collaboration.” This is the most interesting (if all too short) chapter. That gets the readers not only curious but eager to give it a go themselves.

How MCE rate it?: We’re going to give it a solid four for content, plus five stars for the enthusiasm , that fully engages the reader from the very first page.

How to buy it?: on Amazon.