Our Philosophy

MCE Leadership Focus Areas

At MCE, we believe as a leader today, it is important that you focus on three key areas of  leadership – Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business.  You need to start by understanding yourself and your personal strengths. You need to ensure that you have all the necessary skills to work and communicate with your peers and colleagues throughout the world. Then, you need to gain the skills and knowledge to engage and motivate your teams towards common business goals. This also includes formulating a vision, setting the strategy and communicating it. Finally, you need to make sure you have the business skills for your specialized area in Finance, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources etc.  In most cases, you also need to make sure you have good Project Management skills and a good overview of how all the different parts of the business work (Mini-MBA).


The three cornerstones of our approach are:

Leading Self

Self-awareness, personal strengths, expertise in communication, negotiation, influencing, selling your ideas, persuading others, negotiating and resolving conflicts.

Each of these skills helps you
to perform at your best
in your organization.



Leading Others

Knowledge and skills to engage people to work towards common business and organizational goals, understanding how to formulate a vision, set a strategy and communicate it.

Each of these skills helps you
to perform as a manager or leader
of people in your organization.



Leading Business

The business strategy, financial understanding, commercial and organizational know-how to perform at your best and drive successful business performance.

Each of these skills helps you
to perform within your own
business specialized area.




All MCE programmes are designed with this holistic leadership approach in mind. Together, they represent the three key areas of Leadership.

Whether you are moving from a specialized role into a managerial position, or simply looking to improve your leadership skills in your current role, becoming an effective and efficient manager means learning the tools and techniques in all of these areas.

Of course, everyone has different requirements and different skills level, so when it comes to our programmes, they have been developed in order to allow participants to enter at the most appropriate level for them.