Certified Professional in Management OnDemand Exam Prep

Certified Professional in Management OnDemand Exam Prep


Certified Professional in Management OnDemand Exam Prep
Prepare for the AMA Certified Professional in ManagmentTM (AMA-CPMTM) Exam on your own schedule—24/7

Learn key management competencies by yourself with this comprehensive, on demand AMA-CPM Prep Course. It consists of 16 on demand lessons, one for each management competency. Every lesson is about 20 minutes long, and best of all, you can take each one as often as you’d like. It’s a great way to jump-start your AMA-CPM exam prep—or use it to reinforce your skills shortly before you take the exam.

This OnDemand Course contains the following lessons:

Enhancing Communication Skills
Explore effective communication styles and techniques, so you can successfully manage difficult or sensitive conversations—and with confidence.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Learn to apply the best practices of an emotionally intelligent leader in order to connect, achieve, inspire, and act with resilience.

Developing and Organizing Presentation Content
Discover what you need to do to organize your thoughts and information, so you can create an engaging presentation that resonates with your audience.

Resolving Conflict in the Workplace
Gain strategies that effective managers apply in order to hold difficult conversations calmly and assertively, while leveraging potential conflict as an opportunity to enhance work relationships.

Creating a Motivational Climate
Develop the knowledge and skills you need to recognize what motivations will really drive the performance of your individual team members, and apply techniques to manage conflict proactively.

Crafting a Strategy for Your Negotiation
The negotiation process can be fraught with conflict and problems. Learn how to plan and apply strategies for breaking any deadlocks encountered during internal and external negotiations.

Delegation for Growth and Development
Get insights to help you identify what can be delegated to whom, and how to ensure the success of delegated tasks and responsibilities, so you can help grow and develop team members.

Coaching for Performance
Learn how to foster higher levels of motivation and engagement—and build your reputation as a people developer who inspires and drives your team toward success.

Accounting 101
Gain a basic understanding of and confidence around the fundamentals of accounting, so you can apply them toward business and personal goals.

Building a Customer-Focused Strategy
As a manager, you need to develop a customer-focused strategy. Learn to analyze what your customer wants from you, and determine the strategic objectives to help you satisfy those expectations.

Statistical Analysis Tools and Techniques
Acquire an understanding of which statistics may be important to your business, and how you can display them visually for other people to understand.

AMA’s Legal Guide for Managers and Supervisors
As a supervisor or manager, you must act lawfully and ethically when it comes to fair employment practices, workplace harassment, and other vital concerns. Learn about the implications and responsibilities related to these issues from a legal perspective.

Key Components of Critical Thinking
Discover how to utilize critical thinking to tackle organizational obstacles with self-awareness, avoid biases, and systematically evaluate situations to make better decisions.

Managing Change Effectively
Evaluate readiness for change, identify and counter points of resistance, and effectively communicate in order to successfully manage change.

Managing Projects Effectively
Discover tactics to effectively manage your projects by planning tasks, procuring resources, and purposefully communicating with stakeholders.

Manager’s Guide to Collaboration
Learn the skills and roles necessary for you and your team to successfully collaborate within your team and with the rest of the organization.

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