Did you know you can run any MCE Open Training Programme for your teams in your company? 

In today’s fast-changing business world, having skilled and adaptable teams is crucial.

Companies need to keep up and develop their employee’s skills to stay competitive, and we know finding the right learning solution can be challenging.

MCE offer Off-the-Shelf programmes as an economical, easy and effective solution.

Standard Excellence

You can choose from 100 + MCE Open Training Programmes, designed to address your team’s learning needs.

Flexible Delivery

You can decide whether you prefer Live Online or Face-to-Face programmes, delivered in your company.



Develop your teams while staying within your budget. MCE Off-the-Shelf programmes, are a cost-effective solution.

Fixed Group Size

The ideal group size is from 10-15 participants to allow for maximum learning and Fix a schedule with us that is convenient for you and your team.

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