Pavel Mischenko

Faculty PicturePavel Mischenko is a top-notch business consultant and coach who has successfully trained over 4,000 mid and C-level professionals in the US, Europe, Middle East, Central and South America and Africa.
With an academic background in psychology, psychotherapy & engineering, Pavel’s work combines models and techniques of behavioral science with effective leadership skills – a unique blend that uplifts workplaces of all sizes.

Professional background

Since the 1990s Pavel has worked internationally as a management consultant and trainer.
Pavel’s top career highlights include increasing revenue by 35% and profit by 300% within 2 years of service as Executive Director for a training and development company in Upstate New York, USA and pioneering highly successful Result-Oriented Leadership Development program for Bankers.
Previously, Pavel worked as an engineer in Research and Development organizations in the USSR Petroleum Industry.
Between 1987 and 1990 he served on the Board of Directors for a newly formed private enterprise ‘INTERACT’ and one of the first Soviet-American Joint Ventures ‘ECOPSY’ where he was managing multiple international projects.

Education and qualifications

Pavel holds a Master of Science Degree from the top Russian university, Lomonosov – Moscow State and an MA from the Syracuse University, USA. Pavel is MBTI and NLP certified.


Pavel is Russian and lives both in the United States and Russia. He conducts his workshops in Russian and English.