Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

Faculty PictureAlexander Teixeira de Mattos is a facilitator and consultant with a wide experience working on personal and team development, in many different industries, at levels ranging from the boardroom to the first line leaders.
His passion lies in helping people grow in order to make their business grow.

Professional background

Alexander worked as Senior Training and Development Manager with an international management training firm, where, next to the development of the business overall, he was in charge of assessing organisational and managerial development needs in line with the client company’s strategic (and operational) goals.

Recognised for his international business experience, as well as his analytical ability to look at business processes from a totally different angle, Alexander became Project Manager with one of the large international management consultancies. Most of his projects focused on increasing value, reducing costs and improving profitability through Business Process Reengineering (BPR). Alexander also coached individual executives.

Alexander also spent time in Bangladesh on a special assignment for a well-known medical NGO, working on the development and implementation of a programme covering natural disasters and refugee influxes.

Prior to that and subsequent to his studies, Alexander co-founded and managed a commercial enterprise in Namibia offering photo safaris across the southern African continent to international clients. Here he developed his affinity with the cross-cultural aspects of setting up and managing a company.

Education and qualifications

After serving in the Dutch Royal Parachute Commandos, Alexander studied Astronomy and Computer Technology at the University of Leiden, in The Netherlands. He is certified in the psychometric tools MBTI, DISC as well as in ITIL – 3 Foundation (UK Office of Government Commerce) and Emotional Intelligence.


Alexander is Dutch, and was educated in French, Dutch and English; he is fluent in all three languages, with a good working knowledge of German and Afrikaans.
His hobbies include scuba diving, photography and writing short stories. He volunteers for the Red Cross. As a Reserve Officer, he is a Cultural Advisor to the Netherlands Army (1CMi Command).