Leading in a VUCA World – Copenhagen

Leading in a VUCA World – Copenhagen
April 26th, 2019 David Goodwin
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Leading in a VUCA World – MCE Business Breakfast in Copenhagen.

Join us to learn about leadership in times of disruption for Senior Managers and HR professionals.


  • Business Breakfast: Leading in a VUCA World
  • Location: Copenhagen Towers
    Ørestads Blvd. 114 – 118, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Date: Tuesday 11 June
  • Time: 8:00-10:00 AM
  • Free Event: Please register here to receive an invitation.

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Why attend this Business Breakfast?

If the wind of change is blowing strongly, you may decide to build walls around you –or windmills!

Leadership in today’s world is all about making sure that the business leader manages to convince everyone else in the company to build windmills. This is quite a challenge in our “VUCA-world”, where “VUCA” stands for: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Old leadership approaches like the “stick and carrot” approach or even the purely directive leadership style do more and more fail to motivate people in an organization.

The focus of this breakfast session is to show, how leadership must work in the year 2019 and beyond. These principles are not only presented with a lot of “infotainment” like storytelling and interactive exercises. The principles are also demonstrated “live” by including the entire audience to impact the session via an innovative “voting system” via their mobile phones.

Learn and experience all you need to know, no matter whether you are CEO, Managing Director or HR Director.

Be ready for a humorous and mind-blowing session!

Who is this Business Breakfast for?

This breakfast event is relevant for Senior Managers, HR and L&D professionals in international companies and organizations.

The MCE Business Breakfast session will cover:

  • Why organizations need a completely new understanding of “leadership”
  • What is this “VUCA – world” that everyone is talking about?
  • The most effective strategies for CEOs, MDs and HR Directors
  • Interactive parts, where the audience can give instant feedback about the presentation with the help of a special software
  • Concrete recommendations for how to lead in a VUCA-world
  • Open forum, including a discussion of your questions and ideas

MCE’s Leadership Expert at the event will be Mr. Martin Emrich

Martin Emrich VUCA world

Martin works in many international locations including Tokyo, New York, Johannesburg, Beijing, Rome, Milan, Vienna and Stuttgart as Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach. As a globally recognized keynote speaker, he entertains audiences of more than 1500 guests. His passion is to inspire and provoke audiences worldwide with his insights on topics such as “digital transformation”, “Leadership in a VUCA-world” and “New Work”. He is constantly booked by clients such as BMW, Hugo Boss, Porsche, eBay and Daimler. His speeches and workshops are perceived by the audience as mindchanging, interactive and always fun. His Book “Leading in a VUCA – World”, published 2018 first in German and after its big success also in English, was a number 1 Bestseller on Amazon.

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