The Little Book of BIG Management Theories

The Little Book of BIG Management Theories
February 25th, 2016 Lee

AUTHOR:      James McGrath & Bob Bates
PUBLISHER : Pearson : ISBN 978- 0 -27378526-2     253 pages
What’s it about ? Every two years or so, there’s a new management theory (there has to be, or there’ll be no consultants left to implement it!). This book should warm the heart of every consultant as it is a veritable cornucopia of every trend, theory, fad and fancy for the last century.

Who’s it for ?  Anyone poised on a lower rung of the success ladder can find solace and succour by curling up with this book. The “theories” are all clearly explained (and as there are 89 of them, trying them out is recipe for not getting bored on the job).

Why read it ? It’ll give you a very useful insight into the theories and jargon as you claw your way upwards to top management – a handy primer as a key to the corridors of power. Takes you on a journey from Henri Fayol’s Principles of Management with side visits to the intellectual musings of Taylor, Urwick, Drucker, Covey, Maslow, Belbin, Handy and Moss Kanter – even squeezing in the Boston Consulting and McKinsey models.

What’s the style ?  It’s concise, crisply written and has enough humour to keep the reader engaged.
and the best advice… As the author’s say “don’t let other people’s crises become your problem, and while it’s true that you learn more from your failures than your successes, you don’t want a PhD in failure- no matter how much you learn.” We also like “Theory 80 – Ronson’s Psychopath Test”, which – scarily – after reading it you will doubtless recognize several work colleagues!
and if only time to read one chapter ? Theory 81 – The Pareto Principle, which the author’s crown as the best theory in the book. Basically it works on the 80/20 concept (e.g. that 20 % of your staff will cause 80% of your staffing problems, or 20% of your customers generate 80% of your profits). Follow Vilfredo Pareto’s principle (as in ask yourself , ”which 20% of the jobs I do add most value?”), and you’ll be a great manager.

How MCE Rate it ? Got to be five stars. Meticulously researched and does three things really well: informs, educates and entertains. Also a deserved winner of the “Practical Manager of the Year” Award.

How to buy it ?  Coming Soon