Global Cosmopolitans: The Creative Edge of Difference

Global Cosmopolitans: The Creative Edge of Difference
November 2nd, 2016 David Goodwin

AUTHOR: Linda Brimm
PUBLISHER: Palgrave Macmillan INSEAD : ISBN 978-0-230-23078-1

What’s it about ? : A book about Global Nomads, Third Culture Kids or, as author Linda Brimm settles on, what she terms Global Cosmopolitans. These are often high achievers, culturally confused and psychologically “homeless” individuals that need to be better understood if we are to ever harness their talent. As the book itself assures the reader , “it provides a concrete way to uncover the hidden value of the Global Cosmopolitan experience so that organizations, families, friends and Global Cosmopolitans themselves can make the most of it.”

Who’s it for ? : Anyone who needs to begin to understand and manage a “global cosmopolitan.” More than that a guidebook for individual “global” people who need direction  and how to make sense their world – One they inhabit usually by no fault of their own.

Why read it ? : It’ll make you appreciate what “global cosmopolitans” are  all about and why they can contribute to corporate success, or be a horrible corporate handful.

What’s the style ? : Author Brimm is an INSEAD professor of long-standing. The stories are OK, but it is a bit yawn-making, a little short of zip and vigour. Her narrative style needs some polish to really engage the reader’s attention.

… and the best advice? :  Where Brimm takes a long look at how these global nomads struggle with the concept of “what or where is home?” As the author notes. “For many of them, the concept of home is so foreign that they become uncomfortable when the topic comes up in conversation.” Brimm advises any global cosmopolitan work through the “Seven C’s of Change and Development “ (pages 181-188), to get an understanding of who and what they are and how to profit from that.

… and if only time to read one chapter ? : Would have to be the advice in the Global Cosmopolitan Workbook (page 189).

 How MCE Rate it ?  : Sadly just three out of five.  We’d have liked more excitement and more examples that would rivet the reader. Too often people see so-called “global cosmopolitans as a tough call to manage and get the best out of. Does it help their case? Not sure there isn’t more to discuss than this book covers.

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