Coach, Leader, or Manager – Do You Have to Choose One?

Coach, Leader, or Manager – Do You Have to Choose One?
March 28th, 2024 Anais Parfait

As the business world evolves, so does what is expected
of those who lead and support teams. It’s not enough to
be polished, professional, or simply punctual.

There are three commonly used terms in management— coaching, managing, and leading. While these are often used synonymously, they have different functions and approaches to motivate, develop, and drive team members. In this article, we’ll explore the differences and similarities.
Determining which of the three to use, and when, is complex and challenging, but the information presented here will give you a clearer understanding.

Managers oversee the operations of a team, department, or organization. They perform a variety of tasks to ensure that the business runs smoothly and achieves its objectives.
These include:
Planning. Management involves comprehensive planning and goal setting. The process begins with analyzing the current situation and making future projections. This evaluation allows managers to formulate strategies and set goals that drive the organization toward success.
Budgeting. Having a clear understanding of a department’s or project’s financial needs means that resources can be allocated appropriately, and goals made achievable. This is where a formal budget proves invaluable. Identifying the necessary expenses and planning accordingly involves an
analysis of past and present data, as well as projections to determine future outlay. Furthermore, doing so helps to monitor progress, enabling managers to adjust if necessary.
Setting key performance indicators. KPIs are metrics that help in measuring the progress of a project, the business, or an individual. These metrics are established to track progress and enable data-driven decisions, assisting managers in performance management…..

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