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How to Prepare

AMA Certified Professional in Management ™

Use your miles to become an AMA Certified Professional in Management™ with Management Centre Europe (MCE)

What is the standard of excellence in Management today? Did you know that there is now a well-known and worldwide-recognized certification for validating a manager’s proficiency? 

As part of the American Management Association (AMA), Management Centre Europe (MCE) is proud to join forces with Brussels Airlines to offer Miles & More members the possibility to become an AMA Certified Professional in Management™ .  This comprehensive and global management certification helps individuals affirm and showcase their knowledge and skills in management, while enabling organizations to identify and hire qualified managers who have met a set of established and recognized criteria.

How to Get Certified

Step 1: Apply for Certification

Make sure eligibility requirements are met, and apply to take the exam.  Find out more about applying for the exam here.

Step 2: Prepare for the Exam

Take the Certified Professional in Management™ Express Course to prepare fully for the exam. This course is run online and you can use your Miles & More miles as part of the payment.

Now, for only €1,500 and 100,000 miles (instead of €2,450) you can enroll to the CPM Exam Prep Express course online and get ready to take the Certified Professional in Management™ exam.

Step 3: How to Get Certified

Schedule your exam date and location, pass the exam and become CPM certified! Find out about taking the exam here.

Practical Information

Live Online Course

AMA’s Certified Professional in Management Exam Prep Express is four 3-hour online sessions led by an expert instructor over four days. This express course covers the key management skills required to be a well-rounded, knowledgeable and skilled manager as covered by The Management Body of Knowledge which is included with your registration for the course.


Miles & More miles

Instead of the usual fee of €2,450, for just 100,000 miles and €1,500 you can register for the Express course.

When you are ready to register for the course, simply click on the REGISTER FOR THE PROGRAMME button below or on the programme page at:

On the registration form, please add your

Miles & More number in the field called “Brussels Airlines Miles & More Card Number“.

MCE, in partnership with Brussels Airlines, will then process your registration and will get back to you very soon with all the relevant details.

Your registration will be confirmed by MCE and your miles will be deducted by Brussels Airlines.



Contact the MCE Team

The Management Centre Europe team is there to answer any questions you may have about the Certified Professional in Management™ course or exam.


To reach the MCE team:

Telephone in Brussels: 02 5432120

Email the Team: [email protected]







AMA Certified Professional in Management ®

For questions and enquiries, contact the MCE team today.