Change Management – Zagreb

Change Management – Zagreb
February 1st, 2019 andres franco
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A Continuous Momentum

Join us to learn about change management for Senior Managers and HR professionals.

Change Management – MCE’s Business Breakfast in Zagreb in partnership with the VERN’ University of Applied Sciences.



  • Business Breakfast Topic: Change Management
  • Location: VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, Iblerov trg 10, hall 200, 2nd floor, 10 000 Zagreb
  • Date: April 3rd, 2019
  • Time: 9:00-11:00 AM
  • Free Event (Register below to receive invitation).



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Why attend this Business Breakfast?

Industries, technologies and markets are changing rapidly under continuous pressure from competitors and disruptive entrances. Traditionally the organization was able to cope with these changes and offered life time employment to loyal employees. However, some large organizations have already gone through large change processes, have re-invented their business model and reshaped the requirements of their workforce in order to survive in challenging circumstances.

In some industries, disruptive change has caused for continuous adoption to environments and in some situations only change seems to be the stable factor. In this changing environment the process is hardly recognized and poorly executed. Despite the theoretical frameworks at hand, it remains a challenge how to manage and execute the change process to achieve most effective results during and after a change cycle.

Who is this Business Breakfast for?

This breakfast event is relevant for Senior Managers, HR and L&D professionals in international companies and organizations.

The MCE Business Breakfast session will cover:

  • Understanding the change process
  • Coping with resistance during change
  • Identify the root causes for behaviour
  • Manage teams to optimize the process of change

MCE’s Change Expert at the event will be Mr. Hans Pijnacker

hans pijnacker mce faculty

Hans brings over 25 years of leadership and change management experience in many different industries and continents and has managed change from a leadership position in medium, large and multinational organisations. Hans is an accomplished senior executive, with broad leadership skills impacting performance on Operations, Commercial and Financial in different organisations. He specialized in supporting companies that went from Business Model Innovation to change processes in order to improve top and bottom line results. Due to his pragmatic no nonsense approach he has been achieving results in short timeframes in organisations that have been dealing with challenging market situations. His outstanding understanding of different markets and ability to combine experience of multiple industries has given him the ability to find fast and deep thought strategies resulting in effective results to changing internal and external environment.

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