Open Enrolment Programmes for Leading Self

To be a great manager and leader, you need to start by understanding yourself.

You also need to ensure you have the right skills to work with your colleagues and peers around the world. What is your preferred communication style? How do you communicate in the best way with senior management? What is the best way to negotiate a win-win deal? Do you have the right influence skills for your role?  How do you persuade your colleagues to focus on common goals?

Programmes in this category will help you to improve self-awareness, personal strengths, expertise in communication, negotiation, influencing, selling your ideas, persuading others, negotiating and resolving conflicts.

Each of these skills helps you to perform at your best in your organization.

Analytical & Thinking Skills Training Programmes

Communication Skills Training Programmes

Communication Skills Training Programmes

Executive Assistants & Administrative Professionals Training

Influencing & Negotiation Skills Training Programmes

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