Leadership Skills Training

Key competences covered: becoming a new leader, emotional intelligence, strategy development, your leadership brand, agile leadership, your leadership voice, leading virtual teams

MCE has developed a full portfolio of Leadership Development programmes for new, mid-level and senior managers. These programmes cover key competences including: leadership models, roles, your personal brand, motivation, strategy implementation, coaching and more.

To support further in this fast changing business world. MCE recommends two specific programmes: Leading in a VUCA World and Agile Leadership.

These programmes are available as:

  • Open Programmes: Online or Face-to-Face (across EMEA region)
  • Off-the-Shelf: delivered for your company with limited changes
  • Modules: Any of the programmes can be customized for an InCompany solution for your organization.

To find out more about MCE’s services and to arrange a free call:

New Leaders

Preparing for Leadership: focuses on discovering your own leadership style, talking like a leader, understanding what people expect from a leader, motivating teams including “difficult people”, avoiding and managing corporate politics and more.

Ideal for: new leaders or people moving into a leadership role.


Mid-Level Leaders

Developing Executive Leadership: focuses on your executive leadership style, creating a winning strategy, adapting your leadership style to different situations, delegating and empowering and coaching.

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to improve their overall leadership style. For senior leaders we recommend: Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers and Advanced Leadership Programme.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence: focuses on powerful leadership, manage and adapt your emotional behaviours, use emotional intelligence to develop motivational skills, utilize empathy to promote strong relationships and more.

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to focus specifically on emotional intelligence. This programme goes in depth into the topic and your role.


The Voice of Leadership: focuses on improving your leadership communication skills, building buy-in, trust and loyalty, overcoming resistance to change, rallying support in difficult situations and motivating team

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to focus on developing their leadership role.


Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams: focuses on developing your virtual leadership presence, managing virtual teams, creating trust in a virtual environment, managing conflict remotely, coaching and providing feedback virtually, successful virtual meetings and more.

Ideal for: mid and senior level managers who are leading virtual teams.


Leadership for Senior Managers

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers: focuses on aligning your teams, strategy development and implementation and motivating your teams.

Advanced Leadership Programme: focuses on your leadership style, key leadership models and your leadership brand.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles.


Leadership in Today's World

Leading in a VUCA World: focuses on the keys you need to lead in today’s business world. This includes: employer branding, NOPA model, the role of agility, the transformation process and more.

Agile Leadership: focuses on understanding the impact of agile, delivering successful projects, agile best practices, agile leaders and agile transformation.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles and need to become agile.