Essential Project Management Skills

Essential Project Management Skills


Essential Project Management Skills
Learn essential Project Management concepts 24/7—at your own pace

Explore the terminology, tools and techniques of project management with this comprehensive, on demand course. Over 7 compact and focused lessons, you’ll learn about key PM concepts such as the Work Breakdown Structure, collaborative communication, risk strategies and much more. You’ll also be able to retake each lesson as much as you want.

This OnDemand Course contains the following lessons:

Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager – A Basic “How to” Approach
Gain a proven methodology for initiating, planning and managing projects, as well as a strategy to help you implement what you learn.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Using a WBS can help you operate in an efficient and organized manner. Get insights and skills to help you understand the WBS and create one on your own.

Utilizing Effective Risk-Response Strategies
Business risks may impact a project’s timelines, costs, or resources and have a negative impact on the project execution. Learn what a risk is, and how you can use the risk management process in your project planning.

Managing Projects Effectively
All organizations have many projects with many moving parts and players. Effectively manage your project by planning tasks, procuring resources, and purposefully communicating with stakeholders.

Manager’s Guide to Collaboration
Explore the skills and roles necessary for you and your team members to successfully collaborate within your team—and with the rest of the organization.

Enhancing Collaborative Communication
When managing projects, team communication is an especially critical factor in determining success or failure. Identify communication techniques that you can use to make your team collaboration more effective.

The Manager’s Role During Change
Change management comes in many shapes and forms – both big and small. Learn what change management is about, identify the need for it, and discover your role as a change leader.

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