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In this MCE Hub, you will find lots of information about your influencing and negotiation skills needs.  This hub is updated frequently so please bookmark the page to visit again.

MCE organizes open training programmes in many formats in the EMEA region. This includes: Face-to-Face, Live Online, Live Online Express and OnDemand Courses. All of MCE’s programme can also be run specifically for your company as off-the-shelf programmes or as part of customized InCompany solutions.

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Key competences covered: becoming a new leader, emotional intelligence, strategy development, your leadership brand, agile leadership, your leadership voice, leading virtual teams

New Managers – Open Training Programmes

Preparing for Leadership: focuses on discovering your own leadership style, talking like a leader, understanding what people expect from a leader, motivating teams including “difficult people”, avoiding and managing corporate politics and more.

Ideal for: new leaders or people moving into a leadership role.


Key Leadership Skills – Open Training Programmes

Developing Executive Leadership: focuses on your executive leadership style, creating a winning strategy, adapting your leadership style to different situations, delegating and empowering and coaching.

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to improve their overall leadership style. For senior leaders we recommend: Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers and Advanced Leadership Programme.


Leading with Emotional Intelligence: focuses on powerful leadership, manage and adapt your emotional behaviours, use emotional intelligence to develop motivational skills, utilize empathy to promote strong relationships and more.

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to focus specifically on emotional intelligence. This programme goes in depth into the topic and your role.


The Voice of Leadership: focuses on improving your leadership communication skills, building buy-in, trust and loyalty, overcoming resistance to change, rallying support in difficult situations and motivating team

Ideal for: mid-level leaders who want to focus on developing their leadership role.


Leadership for Virtual Teams – Open Training Programmes

Leading Virtual Teams: focuses on developing your virtual leadership presence, managing virtual teams, creating trust in a virtual environment, managing conflict remotely, coaching and providing feedback virtually, successful virtual meetings and more.

Ideal for: mid and senior level managers who are leading virtual teams.


Diversity & Inclusion – Open Training Programmes

Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture: focuses on the business case and positive benefits of Diversity and Inclusion, identify communication styles, listening & empathy to bridge differences, multicultural teams, having difficult conversations and more.

Ideal for: managers and leaders who want to promote and lead an increasingly diverse workforce and client base, and promote an inclusive environment; diversity and inclusion leaders; learning and development professionals.


Leadership Programmes for Senior Managers and Executives – Open Training Programmes

Strategic Leadership for Senior Managers: focuses on aligning your teams, strategy development and implementation and motivating your teams.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles and need to focus on strategy.

Advanced Leadership Programme: focuses on your leadership style, key leadership models and your leadership brand.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles and want to focus on their leadership style and personal brand.

Leading in a VUCA World: focuses on the keys you need to lead in today’s business world. This includes: employer branding, NOPA model, the role of agility, the transformation process and more.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles and need to focus on the future.

Agile Leadership: focuses on understanding the impact of agile, delivering successful projects, agile best practices, agile leaders and agile transformation.

Ideal for: senior level managers who have worked for at least 5 years in leadership roles and need to become agile.

Live Online Express Courses – 2.5 hours

Live Online Express Courses: Improve your management skills in just 2.5 hours without leaving your desk.

  • Virtual class room with all participants connected (live in real time) – 1 session of 2.5 hours
  • Work in small groups and breakout sessions to maximize learning
  • Get real-world advice from business practitioners in the field
  • Receive live, personal feedback from your facilitator and peers
  • Engage in a variety of activities that create a dynamic learning experience

OnDemand Courses – Self Paced Learning

AMA OnDemand Courses: Improve your management skills at your own pace with these self learning programmes.

  • 24/7/365 training with any Internet-connected device
  • Self-paced, convenient, high-quality and consistent learning
  • Learners eligible for CEU credits after completion of a course
  • Fully scalable—train individuals, teams or an entire organization
  • Access for a full year allows you to boost your skills at your leisure
  • Cost-effective, time saving and no travel necessary
  • Courses last from 240 – 360 minutes of online learning


  • One Course: €225 (for one year)
  • The full OnDemand Library (20+ courses): €450 (for one year)


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