Institute of Public Administration

Partnership Agreement between the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) and Management Centre Europe (MCE).

Since February 2016, IPA in collaboration with MCE,  has been running some of MCE’s most popular management training programmes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These Open Enrolment Programmes are run through the Business Center at IPA and include the MCE Leadership Development Programme and the 5-Day Mini MBA. These programmes are relevant for practitioners of administrative sciences as well as public and private sectors.


Partnership Agreement between the Asociación Madrileña de Mujeres Directivas y Empresarias (AMMDE) and Management Centre Europe (MCE).

In December 2019, the Madrid Association of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs , AMMDE, and MCE agreed on a partnership to support women and gender-balance initiatives in Spain. Through a series of business-focused events and activities, both organisations will focus on women in senior positions. Members of the AMMDE will benefit from this partnership by having the possibility to take MCE’s Women’s Leadership Centre Individual membership.


DCH is an organisation whose goal is to promote and develop the managerial function, the exchange of best practices and the generation of a networking ecosystem of knowledge in the field of the Human Capital. Management Centre Europe (MCE) partners with DCH for promotion of both organizations and for the co-organization of business events in Spain and Portugal.



Partnership Agreement between HRC and Management Centre Europe (MCE).



MCE’s partnership with CEL



MCE’s partnership with TMIS

In January 2019, MCE entered into a partnership with TMIS to offer leadership training programmes and mini MBA in Morocco. Both organization also co-organize business events in Morocco.