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Management Centre Europe (MCE) knows how tough it can be for a woman in business to fulfil her potential.  When a woman’s professional aspirations are not being met and her pain points with her career progression, barriers and glass ceilings cannot be remedied by increased subject-matter learning or additional academic qualifications, she looks for other solutions.

This is why we are passionate about offering professional women our portfolio of practical, high-impact programmes: combining practical tools and know-how in confidence building and being more assertive; developing leadership skills; creating executive presence; finding a powerful, strategic voice and communicating effectively.

At Management Centre Europe, we are working extensively with women who want to navigate their way effectively and successfully through their organizations and we know that the programmes below are making the difference for woman in all professional fields.

Leadership Training Programmes for Women


Management Centre Europe knows that some corporate cultures and organizational working practices do not work equally well for all employees. The experience of many of today’s talented mid to senior level female executives is that their leadership career pathways and the pace of achievement is not the mirror-image of successful male peers with similar backgrounds and accomplishments. This anomaly sees women getting left behind or choosing to leave working environments where they see little hope of advancement on terms they can accept. Women are still significantly under-represented in C-suite and board level positions across EMEA, despite a significant female talent pool at entry level management and in first level professional appointments.

MCE’s corporate memory on gender-balance dates back to the 1970s when we welcomed the first female participant to an MCE management course. We did not have dedicated bathroom facilities for female participants because, until that point, we were responding to market demand and this did not include women in corporate management positions. We should never underestimate the long-term impact of the past, when management and leadership were so narrowly defined and often precluded women solely on the basis of their gender. The legacy means that even today, men and women executives can have very different and profound experiences when they start to climb the leadership ladder. This needs to be acknowledged within the learning environment.

We are proud that Women’s Leadership Programmes (WLC):

  • Provide temporary physical, emotional and mental detachment and distance from a workplace in which, no matter how well women perform, there can be an element of gender-related judgement, based on a set of beliefs, perceptions and biases by the organization towards its female professionals, which are not applied equally to male peers. Similarly, where gender dynamics are a subject for women to discuss rather than as a real-time classroom issue to manage, participants can relax and speak freely, without fear of misinterpretation or misappropriation.


  • Provides women with a safe and supportive environment to learn and share “what works and what doesn’t work from a woman’s perspective” and “what can be learnt from the way men approach similar situations”. By working together with the programme content and personal experience, participants can gain perspective, build appropriate new skills and develop alternative ways for achieving their required outcomes.


  • Ensures women can practice and role play without feeling self-conscious or worried about looking unprofessional/unskilled – being in a woman-only environment gives permission not to be perfect or superwoman. The WLC programmes are facilitated by an experienced and accomplished MCE female faculty member, guiding participants in an interactive environment, based on collective support and building trust in order to provide valuable feedback, to challenge together and to laugh together.

Women in Business Training Programmes

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