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Women make up more than half the workforce and increasingly occupy management and senior leadership positions. The “playing field” has become more level in many industries and countries. Women are able to compete directly as never before. Some companies actively recruit women for their boards. More women are moving into the management ranks and leadership pipeline. But there is still progress to be made.


Most women we have talked to are not interested in endless discussions about the“glass ceiling” or fairness. They just want to do a good job, get strategy implemented, and not have their gender get in the way of that.

Women in Business Training Programmes

Check out MCE’s Training Programmes designed for professionals at all levels in the organization.

We recommend the following training programmes depending on your role…

Last March Management Centre Europe celebrated each and every woman out there, especially Women in Business.

Our team, from all over the world, saluted all women and joined the call for equal opportunities, equal pay, and respectful treatment for women.

Time to embrace and celebrate what Women bring to business and the workplace.

Watch our International Women’s Day video!

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