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(45-min Sustainability Management Webinar).

This webinar recording is a practical and lively training session with tools and techniques that will help you get started with sustainability management in your company.

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How can you start implementing a Sustainable Business Model in your company?

This webinar is a hands-on training session where you will learn:

  • What is Sustainability and where are we today?
  • Sustainability and Innovation (Case study)
  • How can you start implementing Sustainability Management?
  • 5 ways to align different departments to your Sustainability Strategy

The content of the webinar is taken from the new 3-day training programmes ‘Fundamentals of Sustainability‘ and ‘How to Become a Convincing Leader for Sustainability‘ in a joint effort between Management Centre Europe (MCE) and the renown Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) in Switzerland. Contact us for more information.

Fundamentals of Sustainability Management

Fundamentals of Sustainability Management




3 Day(s)




(1x) Nov 2019 to Nov 2019
Leading BusinessClassroom Programme

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