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Management Centre Europe’s Partnership with SUMAS, Sustainability Management School

Sustainability is  at the top of the agenda of many CEO’s today. The challenge is to make sure that your talent is developed in the key areas. To offer you, our clients, state of the art sustainability training programmes,  MCE is partnering with SUMAS, Sustainability Management School, in Switzerland.  SUMAS is considered the pioneer and the reference in the sustainability topic teaching and training area.  They were the first to offer bachelor/master degrees in sustainability management.  Combining our strengths, we are now able to offer you a full curriculum, in different cities, that allows your teams to develop and naviguate in the topic and continue to dilute sustainability within various departments of your company.

What is Sustainability Management?

Sustainability is one of the prime challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. All organizations, from businesses to governments, seek to generate value with limited resources.

Sustainability is not a concept it is a way of life and it embraces a holistic approach. Economic growth, the environment and social inclusion are equally important dimensions in our societies and businesses. Sustainability Management is the integration of those dimensions into the various business fields and strategies. Long-term profitability is assured through an effective application of Sustainability Management.

Sustainability has often been defined as how biological systems endure, are productive and remain diverse. Today, it refers to the need to develop sustainable models necessary for both humanity and planet Earth.

Businesses today employ a three-part sustainability strategy:

  • Preserve the environment and conserve natural resources.
  • Build social equity, support employee well-being and promote fair trade.
  • Maximize long-term profitability and promote growth.

This holistic view of doing business places equal emphasis on the planet, people and profit. You’ll often see the concept referred to as the triple bottom line.

The Sustainable Management Curriculum of Programmes

Sustainability Management Training Programmes

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