MCE Face-to-Face Programmes in Summer 2020

Your health and safety are very important to us.

Thank you for all your requests about running some of MCE’s programmes locally. MCE is following all guidelines and recommendations concerning CoVid-19. We are therefore implementing the following measures in Face-to-Face programmes taking place this Summer 2020 in Europe. We will also continue to offer many of our top-selling programmes also LIVE ONLINE. So whether you prefer online programmes or want to attend an MCE programme locally this summer, the MCE Team is there to answer all your questions.

MCE Programmes running Face-to-Face this summer in 4 European cites are:




Download the Catalogue for Face-to-Face programmes in July 2020

Download the full infographic about the CoVid-19 measurements put in place.

MCE’s Partner Hotels are currently putting a lot of new measures in place following the CoVid-19 guidelines including:

Protection measures:

  • appropriate warning signs for the distance rule will be installed.
  • sales and service desks will be equipped with a Plexiglas divider/partition
  • service employees will always wear gloves as well as mouth and nose protection.

Public spaces:

  • work equipment and surfaces will be properly cleaned and disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants on a regular basis.
  • All public areas, such as the WCs, lifts, stair rails, doors, chairs, luggage carts and car park pay machines are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
  • Use new technologies such as electrostatic vapour machines. The environmentally friendly disinfectant that it used is also utilized in clinics.
  • Sanitiser dispensers are available in all public areas.

Restaurant/Food Safety:

  • maintain the applicable minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables and chairs.
  • Breakfast in a bag, dinner served with some distance and a group lunch presented in individual boxes with selected items on a buffet.
  • Behind the scenes extra measures are taken for safe food processing.

Conference areas:

  • Ensure safe distance event capacity
  • maintain the applicable minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables and chairs and 4 square meters per person
  • breaks for the different events will be coordinated so that the maximum number of persons in the break room is not exceeded

The MCE Team is there for you.

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