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Which MCE Passes are you the right ones for your and your teams?

MCE currently offer two types of Savings Passes to give you the best value for your training budgets.

Please fill in the form below to request your MCE Passes. We’ll contact you within 1 working day to finalise the process.



MCE Live Online Passes

  • These passes are valid for all MCE Live Online programmes* (except the online Mini MBA Programmes) 
    • 10 Live Online Passes for €13,000 (normally €21.500)
    • 20 Live Online Passes for €23,000 (normally €43,000)

MCE Mini MBA Passes

  • These savings passes are valid on all MCE Mini MBA programmes – online or face-to-face. This includes the Mini MBA, Lifesciences Mini MBA, Oil & Gas Mini MBA, Chemical Mini MBA, Mining Mini MBA, and more.
    • 3 Mini MBA Passes for  €9,500 (normally €11,850)
    • 5 Mini MBA Passes for  €14,950 (normally €19,750)
    • 10 Mini MBA Passes for  €26,500 (normally €39,500)