Our Unique Philosophy

Everything we do at MCE is focused on strategy implementation and business issues that you face.

Like every company, we at MCE are refocusing on the very basic values of what we are trying to do for our customers. The late Peter Drucker’s ideas about management and business are more relevant today than ever. A company is a social organization with social responsibilities. It needs to have a clear set of values. These include integrity, creation of true customer value, a real focus on the customer, innovativeness, employee and employer loyalty and a clear long-term orientation.

Good management is about purpose. MCE’s mission is enabling people to implement strategy.

What you Measure, you can Manage

MCE believes that the main reason for undertaking any kind of transformation or development is to achieve better business results.

We are willing to work with you, to agree up front on the results you want to achieve and the metrics that will tell you whether it has been achieved. We will co-design a solution with you to achieve those results.

And we are willing to base part of our fee on whether those results have been achieved or not.

Think in “Systems”

That means we go far beyond simply “providing courses”. That is not enough to address business issues or achieve strategy implementation. We think constantly about how we can help our customers improve their business performance, and we have developed six ways in which we can help you to implement your strategy, tackle tough business issues, and achieve your goals.

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Business Issues, not just Skills

Business problems don’t come packaged neatly. And often, you need more than one tool to solve them. So, instead of thinking about separate skill sets, management functions, or academic disciplines, MCE thinks in terms of business issues managers face when trying to implement strategy. Those problems are often cross-functional or multi-disciplinary in nature.

For example, if you are a business leader who has to implement a strategy, you need people with a variety of skills. As their leader, you need skills in leadership, strategy, communication, performance management, talent management, workforce structure, reworking processes, and change management. That is why we built our leadership approach around the bigger task of strategy implementation instead of only focusing on leadership behaviour.

Experienced Senior Managers, not Trainers nor Professors

In business, real experience counts for more than the latest management theories. MCE is not a business school so we don’t have “lecturers”. We are not a strategy definition consulting company, so we don’t have lots of young MBA consultants. We are an experience and insights-based company. We focus on the people issues related to getting the strategy done.

For that reason, MCE works with a team of associates who are experienced senior managers. Many have expertise in a function but they have all had general management responsibility and can see a problem through more than one lens. They have all seen change in business – how to take advantage of the good times and how to reposition yourself during the bad times.

MCE Senior Associates can consult and advise you, mentor and coach you, design with you a change programme, and organize and facilitate workshops for you and your colleagues on specific business challenges. For more about MCE Senior Associates, please click here.

Insight in Strategic Industry Trends

MCE has an in-depth understanding of macro-economic and social trends that impact business strategies in key industries. These trends inform everything we do, to ensure that the services we provide you are forward-looking rather than based on extrapolation from the past.

The world has changed a lot, and we will continue to see change developing. MCE will keep up to date with the trends and you as a client will benefit.

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