Finance, Accounting & Controlling Training

Key competences covered: fundamentals of accounting and finance, key financial ratios, budgeting, cost analysis, balance sheets and profit & loss, understanding financial statements, controlling, the controller’s role, financial excellence, value creation,  KPIs, the balanced scorecard, strategic finance and more.

MCE has developed a full portfolio of Finance and Accounting programmes for managers in international companies and organizations. These programmes cover key competences including: finance for non-financial managers, the controller’s role, strategic finance, creating value in your organization and more.

These programmes are available as:

  • Open Programmes: Online or Face-to-Face (across EMEA region)
  • Off-the-Shelf: delivered for your company with limited changes
  • Modules: Any of the programmes can be customized for an InCompany solution for your organization.

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Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Manager: focuses on basic account concepts, understanding financial statements, reviewing annual reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, key financial ratios, cost analysis, profit planning, capital expenditure analysis and budgeting.

Ideal for: non-financial managers in every functional area of responsibility in all industries.


Finance Programmes for Financial Managers and Leaders

The Strategic Controller: Adding Value to Your Organization focuses on the 4 quadrants of the controller’s role – number cruncher, custodian, analyst and business partner.

Ideal for: corporate controllers, division and plant controllers, assistant controllers who want to add value to their organization and careers by increasing their effectiveness in the four quadrants of the controller’s job.

Financial Excellence: Create Value in Your Organization focuses on value creating, strategic options, traditional role of finance, from finance manager to sparing partner, the trusted advisor, key metrics, the balanced scorecard and KPIs.

Ideal for: finance or business managers with a minimum of 7 years business experience, management responsibility and a basic understanding of financial statements. Also appropriate for newly appointed General Managers and Vice Presidents.

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