Boost your career and get ready for new management challenges. MCE’s intensive and challenging Mini MBAs give your the overview of how a company really works to support your career development.

Are you ready to join 1000’s of other professionals and managers who have successfully taken the MCE Mini MBA Programme?

MCE’s best-selling learning experience “The Mini MBA” is also available in an online format and in industry specific editions.

  • Places are limited, so remember to book your participation early.
  • The online programme is fully adapted to online delivery with interactive tools, group work, collaboration, polling and more.
  • Industry editions are facilitated by industry experienced faculty.

More than 10,000 professionals and managers have taken the programme already. With participants from over 98 countries, this is a truly international learning experience.

  • 1000’s of participants from many industries
  • participants from almost 100 countries
  • an intensive learning experience

The online programme is run with a live facilitator who makes sure the programme is interactive, powerful and business focused.

  • 12 modules over 6 days – facilitated by an experienced business professional
  • Designed to be delivered online – you will see and feel the difference
  • Interact with the senior associate and other participants

A realistic and challenging business simulation is used throughout the programme – so you can apply, what you have learnt.

  • work in small teams and make the right decisions to keep your company in business
  • practice what you have learnt by analysing data and planning the strategy
  • are you ready for the challenge?

Is the Mini MBA programme right for you?

What is the format of the programme?

If you are a  manager with a technical, scientific or specialist background, this is the perfect programme for you.

The MCE Mini MBA is the perfect programme for managers with non-managerial backgrounds that want to boost their career and become a great “All-Round Manager”.

Typical participants are production engineers, R&D engineers, finance managers, sales executives, marketing specialists, logistics managers, etc. or managers & department heads who need to refresh and develop their business knowledge to support their future career.

MCE Mini MBAs are available as Face-to-Face programmes over 5 days or Online in 12 sessions over 6 days. The Mini MBA is intensive, challenging and involves a lot of team work using a business simulation. The online programme is delivered as follows:

  • Week 1: 6 modules of 3 hours each.
  • Day 1: 2 modules, Day 2: 2 modules, Day 3: 2 modules.
  • Week 2: 6 modules of 3 hours each.
  • Day 1: 2 modules, Day 2: 2 modules, Day 3: 2 modules.
  • A total of 36 facilitated learning hours with pre-work, group work and homework to be completed.

How effective is Online Learning? How does MCE organize it?

ONLINE EXPERIENCE: MCE’s Senior Associates are experienced in online management development. They have the skills needed to support your learning experience. They have all been trained to deliver online in virtual classrooms.

ONLINE DESIGN: MCE’s programmes are also designed to be delivered online with interactive tools, polling, group work, virtual breakout rooms and more. We guarantee that your learning experience will be a good one.

WATCH: the video on the right, to see a sample from our Fundamentals of Finance programme that is delivered online.

NOT A WEBINAR: this is not a boring webinar that you listen to. You have to work, interact, learn and apply what you have learnt.

What are the key benefits of participating in the Mini MBA?

  • Understand how a company really works with a multi-functional overview of business and key leadership competences necessary for success
  • Develop strategic thinking, planning and execution skills at a divisional or functional level, using the right tools and frameworks
  • Influence, enable and deliver wider organizational strategies
  • Make better business decisions and improve your contribution to the business
  • Be able to analyse the business environment and translate changes into competitive strategies for sustainable growth
  • Support strategic goals from top management and be able to translate them for your area and implement them more efficiently
  • Better implement strategy through the people in your team and different departments with new leadership skills
  • Sharpen your business and collaboration skills by actively working in teams on a business simulation


What topics are covered in the Mini MBA?

Topic 1: Leadership

Key leadership competences, self profiling, reflection and feedback from facilitator and peers.

  • Competency framework and organizational success
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Emotional intelligence and personal insights discovery
  • Situational Leadership
  • Leadership & Management
  • Business Simulation: Building Business Awareness

Topic 2: Strategy & Marketing

Building and Executing Strategy—Learn the fundamentals of marketing and sales that underpin business success.

  • Strategy road map & Competitive strategy
  • Blue Ocean thinking
  • Innovation
  • Customer centricity
  • Marketing & Sales – Essential Principles
  • Business Simulation: Strategic thinking & Framing

Topic 3: Marketing, Supply Chain & Business Models

  • Market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Marketing mix and branding
  • Supply chain
  • Business models
  • Financial Statements – Profit & Loss Statement (P&L)
  • Business Simulation: Finance & Strategy Implementation

Topic 4: Financial Statements & Analysis Investment Appraisal

  • Financial Statements – Balance Sheet
  • Financial Statements – Cash Flow
  • Financial Ratios
  • Investment Appraisal Principles
  • Investment Appraisal – Practice
  • Business Simulation: Finance (continued) & Competitive Position

Topic 5: Strategy Execution & Consolidation

  • Finalization of the Business Simulation
  • Strategy Execution
  • Phoenix Case Study
  • Leading Change (Change Management)
  • Wrap up (incl. Simulation winners)
  • Action plan and closing

The interactive business simulation runs throughout the 6 days of this programme. The morning modules focus on learning and practice and the afternoon modules focus on the business simulation.

Work in small teams to analyse data, make decisions and see the impact of the decisions. Are you ready for the Mini MBA challenge?

MCE Mini MBAs available Online and Face-to-Face

We would like to run this programme specifically for our company. Is this possible?

Yes. This programme can be run for your company, either ONLINE or FACE-TO-FACE whenever is convenient for you and your teams.

Depending on the number of participants and timing involved, we will happily put together an offer for you.

Want to get an offer? Simply send an email to [email protected] or give us a call on + 32 22 543 2120 and we will do the rest.


The MCE Team is there for you.

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about MCE’s Management Development Services? Do you want to talk about a learning and development project?  

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Will I obtain a qualification after taking the MCE Mini MBA?
    • You will obtain a certificate of completion from MCE. But if you would like to obtain an internationally recognized formal business qualification, we recommend taking the AMA Certified Professional in Management programme and then take the exam afterwards. To find out more, click here.
  • I have 25 years of management experience, is this programme for me?
    • No. This programme is ideal for managers with a technical or specific background who are moving into a new position and want to learn about how a company works.
  • Do you have other Mini MBAs?
    • Yes. We have Mini MBAs for Pharma, Medtech, Oil & Gas, and Mining. Not all are available online yet. But check back on the MCE website for more information.
  • What is the MCE Guarantee?
    • MCE Guarantees if you are unhappy with your Online programme, you can take the same Face-to-Face in a city in Europe in the future at no extra charge (when they are running again)
  • Are MCE Senior Associates experienced business people?
    • Yes. All of MCE’s senior associates are experienced business people. They understand business and they can share their experience with you.
  • What technical equipment do I need to take part in the programme?
    • You need a computer or laptop (we don’t recommend a tablet or phone for the programme). You also need a good internet connection (typically with speeds more than 10MB/sec). a webcam and a headset with microphone to participate fully in the programme. It is also a good idea to have a good desk and quiet room to take part in this intensive programme.
  • I can only attend some of the days that are scheduled. Is this OK?
    • No. To benefit fully from the programme and to respect all the participants on the programme, you are required to attend all sessions.
  • I don’t like speaking on video camera. Would that be OK if I just listen?
    • No. This is not a webinar. You have to actively participate, comment and take part. If you are not comfortable with this, this is not the right programme for you.
  • Do I need to speak English well to take part?
    • Yes. You don’t need to be native speaker level, but you need to speak English well. There are lots of discussions and group work, so you will be doing a lot of talking.