MCE Live Online Passes

It is a VUCA world. CoVid-19 has changed our worlds. Many of us are now working remotely and it looks like it will be continuing for quite a while. Companies and organizations are tightening budgets. It can be difficult to develop and train your managers. However, your managers need the right skills and behaviours to get the results that your company needs. Probably more now than ever.

Make your training budgets go even further this year.

  • save up to 50% on normal programme fees
  • develop more of your managers and teams this year with the same budgets
  • simple and clear pricing, makes your budgeting easier

Easy to use – whenever, wherever you want and for all your teams.

  • flexible and easy to use
  • valid for 18 months
  • can be used for any of your staff or teams
  • MCE’s client service is always ready to support you

Live Online Passes are valid for MCE Live Online Programmes*

  • valid for all Live Online Programmes scheduled by MCE *except the Mini MBAs Online
  • a full schedule of almost 30 different Live Online programmes for your teams
  • economical and effective programmes

Live Online Passes

MCE Live Online Passes

These passes are valid for all MCE Live Online programmes* (except the online Mini MBA Programmes)  

  • 3 Live Online Passes for €5,250 (normally €6,450)
  • 5 Live Online Passes for €8,250 (normally €10,750)
  • 10 Live Online Passes for €15,000 (normally €21.500)
  • 20 Live Online Passes for €27,000 (normally €43,000)


  • Passes are valid for 18 months from date of purchase
  • Valid for more than 30 live online programmes* scheduled by MCE
  • One pass = one participant on a live online programme
  • Programmes covering Leadership, Management, Project Management, Marketing and more

*All MCE Live Online programmes except MCE’s Mini MBAs online.


Get your Programme Savings Passes today

and make your Training & Development budget go even further…

Frequently Asked Questions

We would like to buy a mix of Passes is that possible?

  • Yes of course. MCE can put together the right mix of passes for your company. Simply give us a call to find out more.

My company would like to buy 50 Live Online Passes. What should I do?

  • We have special conditions for purchases of over 25 savings passes. We would be happy to make a specific offer for your company.

How long are the passes valid for?

  • Passes are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase.

Can I talk to someone to get personalized and specific advice for my company?

  • Yes, the MCE Team is ready for your questions, your comments and your requests— by phone, by email, by online chat and face to face.