MCE Corporate Learning Passes

MCE Corporate Learning Passes

MCE works very closely with the Learning & Development community throughout the EMEA region. We know how important it is to support your L&D strategy and we want to make sure that your L&D budget also goes as far possible.

We want you and your teams to be able to benefit from taking part in MCE Open Training Programmes as much as possible. Over 400,000 managers and professionals have already taken an MCE Training Programme since we were founded over 50 years ago.

We know budgets are tight, so we are launching the MCE Learning Passes that give access to MCE’s international training programmes at great prices.

How does it work?
  • Each Learning Pass is valid for one registration on an MCE training programme.
  • You can buy packs of 3, 6, 12, 24 or more MCE Corporate Learning Passes that can be used by any of your employees to attend MCE Training Programmes.
  • To make sure you get the most from your training budgets, we have developed two types of passes – Gold Learning Passes (for 36 different  2 & 3 day training programmes) and Platinum Learning Passes (for 51 different 2 to 5 day training programmes).
  • By buying the packs of passes, MCE gives you a great deal on pricing to reward you for your loyalty.

Pricing details are included below. You can purchase a mix of passes to match your needs. We would be delighted to help with your needs and simply give us a call for more information or advice.


To purchase MCE Learning Passes or to find out more information:

  • Call +32 2 5432120
  • Email [email protected]
  • Visit the website at and open a CHAT with our team

Gold & Platinum Passes

MCE Gold Learning Passes  – all 2 & 3 day training programmes
  • 3 Gold Learning Passes (use within 6 months)  €7,500 (€8,850)
  • 6 Gold Learning Passes (use within 12 months)  €14,150 (€17,700)
  • 12 Gold Learning Passes (use within 12 months)  €26,500 (€35,400)
  • 24 Gold Learning Passes (use within 12 months)  €49,500 (€70,800) 
    • Bonus Passes: please note that if you purchase 24 Gold Learning Passes, you are entitled to use 4 of them as Platinum Passes on any MCE programmes. 

MCE Platinum Learning Passes – all 2, 3, 4 & 5 day training programmes*
  • 3 Platinum Learning Passes (use within 6 months)  €9,500 (€11,850)
  • 6 Platinum Learning Passes (use within 12 months)  €18,250 (€23,700)
  • 12 Platinum Learning Passes (use within 12 months) €34,500 (€47,400)
  • 24 Platinum Learning Passes (use within 12 months)  €67,000 (€94,800)
    • Bonus Passes: please note that if you purchase 24 Platinum Learning Passes, you are entitled to use 4 of them also on MCE Advanced Leadership Programme. The MCE Advanced Leadership Programme is not normally covered by the Learning Passes.

*only one programme is not covered by the Corporate Learning Passes – MCE Advanced Leadership Programme except as a Bonus Pass when you purchase 24 Platinum Passes.

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Which MCE Programmes are covered by each type of pass?

Terms & Conditions

MCE Learning Passes cannot be combined with other offers or Corporate Discount plans. Each Learning Pass is valid for one registration only. Learning Passes must be used within the relevant validity period.  Gold or Platinum learning passes are only valid for the programmes covered by the specific type pf pass. The validity period begins on the starting date of the first training programme for which the first Learning Pass is used. Full payment for the MCE Learning Passes must be received before attending the first MCE Training Programme. If left unused, the MCE Learning Passes will expire either 6 months (for 3 passes) or 12 months (for 6,12 or 24 passes) from the starting validity date. The passes may be used by any employee of the purchasing company or organisation.  There are no other rights granted. MCE’s General Terms and Conditions for training programmes apply. MCE Learning Passes are non-refundable, regardless of attendance. Prices are subject to change without notice. MCE Learning Passes are available to MCE clients and MCE  retains the right to refuse the purchase of Learning Passes to organizations or individuals in direct competition with MCE or for other business ethical reasons. MCE Learning Passes cannot be resold to other organizations or individuals, doing so will make the Learning Passes invalid.

*As in the general terms and conditions of all MCE programmes, minimum numbers of participants are required for each programme to run, in order to guarantee the learning experience and interaction. MCE reserves the right to cancel an outing or programme and will propose a similar programme or other dates for you to attend.