MCE Learning Journeys for Your People

MCE Learning Journeys – 3 Programmes, 2 Years and 1 Unique Price

Your people need key business skills

Developing and training your employees and managers is probably more important than ever. They need key business and management skills to stay focused and reach your organization’s goals.

Planning and organizing individual learning for your managers and teams

It can be difficult to plan individual and personalized learning for all of your managers. To support you we have developed the MCE Learning Journeys. 3 programmes, 2 years and 1 price.

100+ Open Programmes to cover your people’s needs

10 million business professionals have participated in a Training Programme with MCE (as part of AMA Global) in the past 10 years. With over 100 different Open Training Programmes (Online and Face-to-Face), you can plan the ideal learning journeys for your managers.

Plan Individual Learning Journeys for your People

Your staff, managers and directors have different development needs. They are at various stages of their careers. Some need to develop people management, project management or leadership and others communication skills, negotiation and sales skills.

Individual Learning Journeys for your people

For Monica, your Sales Manager: 3 programmes

  • Managing People in an International Environment
  • Sales Management for the newly appointed Sales Manager
  • Mini MBA

For Peter, your Production Manager: 3 programmes

  • Mini MBA
  • Successfully Managing People
  • Fundamentals of Finance for non-financial managers

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How does it work?

How does it work? The MCE Learning Journey is a unique 3-2-1 offer for your staff – any 3 MCE’s Open Training Programmes taken over 2 years for 1 unique price.  

  • Mix Live Online and Face-to-Face formats to match your employees individual needs and working calendar
  • Plan their development needs over the next 2 years
  • Save up to 65% on standard registration fees with a unique fee of €5,000 per employee (3 programmes taken over 2 years)

The MCE Learning Journey –  the fastest, easiest and most economical way to develop your people’s key skills and knowledge today.

All 100 MCE Open Training Programmes are included in the Learning Journey. 


More Information & The Next Steps

  • MCE Learning Journeys – Corporate Rates: MCE has special corporate rates for 5 or more learning journeys for the same company or organization
  • Book your meeting with the MCE Team – to find out more, to get your personal offer contact the mce team at [email protected] or call +32 2 543 2120 – the MCE Learning Journey Team is there to support you
  • All MCE Programmes: there are no restrictions – all MCE Open Programmes are included. The choice is yours.
  • Full Flexibility: You can change any of the dates and the programmes up to 7 days before each programme booking. This gives you the flexibility to plan and adapt your journey to your people’s needs and changing circumstances.
  • Learning Journey’s are personalized: to support your people, each learning journey is designed for one person. They and you have the full flexibility to change their journey and dates. 
  • MCE’s usual Open Training Programmes terms and conditions apply. 

Limited Offer:  The MCE Learning Journey is currently on sale until 31 December 2021

Any 3 programmes can be taken over 2 years. This includes the MCE Mini MBAs. If you would like to reserve Learning Journeys, contact the team today. Places are limited, so we advise booking MCE Learning Journeys early.

MCE Learning Journeys: Available for Individuals

MCE Learning Journeys can also be booked individually. Are you an international manager? Do you need to focus on your career and develop key management or leadership skills? You can avail of this offer – any 3 MCE Open Programmes, over 2 years for 1 Unique price of €5000. To find out more contact the team by clicking below or via email at [email protected]