MCE Leadership Game

MCE in partnership with Totem learning has launched the new MCE Leadership Game – 3D online, multiplayer serious game that will help to develop and practice your leadership skills.

Serious Games are now crucial elements in the learning and development journeys.

We can integrate this game in your  facilitated, blended leadership program.

What Is It About?

MCE Leadership Game is set on a tropical island and players must collaborate to solve puzzles and achieve their goal. Players can be in the same room or on opposite sides of the world and their only means of communication is via instant messaging – providing valuable information for review and reflection. Each puzzle is designed to focus on specific leadership skills such as coaching, negotiation and communication.

4 Players play together but no one is designated leader! Opportunities for leadership emerge; who will step forward? Players apply their own leadership methodology and can practice and improve their skills in leading self, leading others, leading business, coaching, managing frustration, strategic thinking, problem-solving, communication and listening skills, decision making, logical thinking.



What makes this game unique?

The MCE Leadership game is:

  • Unique in its design – a ‘sandbox’ allowing learners to practice leadership skills.
  • Simple to understand – intuitive with easy to grasp mechanics. Levels which build on different leadership skills together with integrated performance review ensure the progression of your leaders, whatever their level of seniority.
  • Multiplayer – learners collaborate, negotiate, persuade and influence in a safe, virtual environment with other players worldwide, in real time. The dynamics between players creates a unique  experience, every time.
  • Encourages  self-reflection – players reflect on their performance and leadership skills. After each level, the game pauses and learners are taken through a structured debrief.
  • Provides feedback – players score one another and assign attributes describing each other’s performance. This highlights levels of competency and allows users to focus on key areas of improvement.

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What Will You Practice?

Players Think, Communicate, Influence, Learn and Collaborate. The game is designed to elicit these behaviours through:

Emotional connection with the storytelling

Multiplayer game

Online software allow to play anytime, anywhere

Instant communication during the game

Progression game levels


Peer review

Knowledge is Power


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