Most professionals nowadays have a smartphone and are often more likely to consult their smartphone for email and internet access, than they do their laptop. On top of that these people travel extensively. We at MCE apply the latest thinking in learning and communicating via a tool MCE Mobile.

  • Web-based with simple development interface
  • Customisable features – can include: animation, static images, audio, video, PDFs, links to websites, etc.
  • Quick, portable, available 24/7
  • Analysis and reports

Benefits for the participants:

  • Access the tool from anywhere and repeat it as often as needed: e.g. while travelling, in the train, metro or at the airport
  • Client-specific messages can be uploaded, for example a short video from a Senior Manager in the client organisation welcoming the participant into his/her learning journey
  • It relates to today’s way of working and the use of smartphones in the workplace