Open Programmes for Your Company

Can I run MCE Open Training Programmes in my company?

Run any MCE programme off-the-shelf for your company – either Live Online or Face-to-Face. 

MCE runs 1000s of programmes off-the-shelf for our clients every year.

  • Find the programme you want
  • Decide on the format – online or face-to-face
  • Decide on your preferred dates
  • Contact the MCE Team and get your proposal including conditions, pricing, faculty and more.
  • Review your proposal and make a decision.

Adapt and customize your programme to your needs.

  • Adapt a programme or fully customize it with new modules.
  • Combine modules from 2 or more programmes.
  • Add your own case studies and corporate information.
  • The MCE team can work with you to adapt or customize your programme – from lightly adapted to fully customized.

If you prefer that your employees and teams participate in MCE Open Training Programmes with other companies – Savings Passes are the ideal solution for you.

  • MCE Programme Savings Passes are available for Open Programmes
  • Use these passes on Live Online or Face-to-Face programmes


The MCE Team is there for you.

Do you have questions? Do you want to know more about MCE’s Management Development Services? Do you want to talk about a learning and development project?